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European Union Film Festival – Czech movie Gump: The Dog That Taught People How to Live

We are proud to announce that this year the European Union Film Festival (EUFF) will be organised for the second time in its history online on November 12 – 28, 2021. The Czech film „Gump: The Dog That Taught People How to Live“ will be screened on November 21. 

The EUFF is co-organised by the Delegation of the European Union, Canadian Film Institute, the European Union Film Festival in Toronto, The Cinématèque in Vancouver along with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ottawa, other Embassies and Consulates of EU Member States.

Films are ranging from romantic comedies to historic dramas and documentaries. They are presented in original languages with English (French) subtitles. Each film will be screened live for 48 hours, giving all viewers plenty of time to watch.

Gump: The Dog That Taught People How to Live is based on the bestselling 2019 book about the mistreatment of dogs, Gump: The Dog That Taught People How to Live is imaginatively adapted here as a film, telling Gump’s and other dogs’ stories from a canine perspective. Tossed in the garbage by a thoughtless owner, Gump is rescued by a kind street person, Bedrich, who takes care of him, raising him from a puppy in his ramshackle trailer. Separated when Gump becomes an adult dog, both Bedřich and Gump search for one another to reunite. On his journey homeward, Gump encounters many other dogs as well as other dog owners, good and bad. Told in Gump’s voice (here played by acclaimed Czech actor, Ivan Trojan), this is an impressive and entertaining tale of, yes, dogged determination.

The EUFF also offers interviews with many filmmakers whose films will be screened during the festival.

More information on the Czech movie: https://thecinematheque.ca/films/2021/gump

Information on the festival programme and tickets: https://www.euffonline.ca/welcome