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Call for PROPEA proposals for 2021

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic has announced a call for project proposals to support economic activities abroad for 2021 under the PROPEA program. The call applies to foreign service providers and accredited expert entities operating on the Canadian market, which can provide their services to Czech companies upon entering the Canadian territory. The current call for proposals ends on 15 October 2020.

As part of PROPEA projects, accredited entities operating in Canada, together with  the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ottawa, provide business services to Czech companies operating in the relevant territory or preparing to enter the Canadian market.

The aim of the PROPEA program is:

- To support Czech companies whose activities abroad are not limited only to export, but rather have an investment character

- To reduce the business risk which is usually associated with entering the foreign market

- To strengthen the capacity of the Czech companies and to support a more permanent presence of Czech companies abroad

The services provided within the PROPEA projects are cost-effective for companies and represent a supplement to the individual services provided to companies by the Embassy and other Czech agencies. PROPEA projects are therefore a supplement to the list of services of the Czech Client Center for Export and the unified network of the Czech Republic abroad. 70% of the price of the service is subsidized from the PROPEA budget provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, while the remaining 30% represents co-financing by the Czech companies.

Within PROPEA projects, Canadian accredited companies can offer Czech entities assistance with a wide range of business activities:

- Processing of a business plan for market entry or investment

- Processing of legal, tax, financial, and legislative analyses

- Launching of products on the market (assistance in negotiations with financial institutions, support in opening an account and securing financing, establishing a company, etc.)

- Securing licenses, certifications, product registrations, and trademarks

- Securing and verifying documentation for import/export and logistics

- Creation and coordination of supplier and partner networks

- Securing of promotional, marketing and PR services

- Support during start of production/start-up assistance for companies from the service sector

- Utilization of technical facilities

Project proposals are submitted by potential foreign service providers and accredited expert entities to the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ottawa. Approved projects will be executed by foreign service providers in cooperation with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ottawa in the period from January 1st  to October 31st 2021.

If you are interested in becoming a service provider of the PROPEA projects in Canada, contact the economic diplomat Jan Kubacka at jan_kubacka@mzv.cz.