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Farewell message from Ambassador Bořek Lizec

This day, September 1, 2023, is officially the last day when I serve as Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Canada. I would like to thank my country for the tremendous honor to represent it in such a beautiful country that we share so much with. I would also like to thank Canada for all its support in my mission. I am most grateful to the many new friends, including Czech Canadians, that I was fortunate to meet during the past four years.  

On this very day, the National Post has published my article, in which I look back at my tenure in Canada. I greatly appreciate the invitation of this renowned newspaper to address its readers on this occasion. To cover four years in a newspaper article was not an easy challenge. I hope that I did not failed and you will enjoy some of my reflections. 

The article “Canada must be experienced” is available at: https://nationalpost.com/opinion/borek-lizec-canada-must-be-experienced/wcm/900e1791-ce0a-4114-b045-2db6eebdb6a8/amp/

My wife Kateřina and I will never forget our time in Canada, of course, also due to the fact that our son Jakub was born here soon after we arrived. We look forward to opportunities to reunite with our Canadian friends in the Czech Republic, Canada or anywhere else. 

Cordially and with best wishes,
Bořek Lizec 

Článek Bořka Lizce

Článek Bořka Lizce