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Consular Days in Vancouver, April 25 – April 28, 2022

We are glad to inform you that Consular days will take place in Vancouver from April 25 till April 28. The consular hours will be in these days from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 1pm to 5pm. Location: downtown of Vancouver. The exact address will be specified in the first week of April.

For technical and time reasons, applicants need to make an appointment in advance via SignUp application. For this puprose, it is necessary to include in the SignUp application the following information 1) name and surname 2) contact phone 3) book a time slot according to the consular service 4) specify in „Comments“ what kind of consular service you request.

We recommend to book your appointment at your earliest convenience. The consular service will be offered only to pre-registered applicants.


We offer you an overview of consular services and expected duration of the scheduled appointment:

  • Czech passport – we can only hand over an issued new passport, it is not possible to apply for a new passport – 30 minutes

  • Citizenship agenda – we can receive complete applications for certificate of Czech citizenship – 60 minutes (that means you need to register 2 time slots in the SignUp)

  • Register service – applications for registering a birth, marriage or death – 60 minutes

  • Legalisation service – verification of signatures, confirmation of living for the purpose of pension payment, superlegalisation of Canadian official documents (which follows after having the document verified by Global Affairs Canada) – 30 minutes

  • Czechpoint agenda – you can submit an application for a criminal record check – 30 minutes

    Please bring your valid ID and its copy (passport or Czech ID - občanský průkaz). Applications must be complete incl. required copies. The payment of consular fees is only possible in cash in CAN dollars. You can find the current consular fees here.


Due to time constraints, legal advice (divorces, inheritance proceedings) cannot be provided. The consular officers will assist an applicant on the spot with minor drawbacks in the application. For any consultation prior to your appointment, please consult the Consular section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ottawa via ottacons@gmail.com. Before your appointment we  recommend to check the details of your application on the following website: https://www.mzv.cz/ottawa/cz/konzularni_oddeleni/index.html