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List of translators

Here is a list of interpreters whose services you can use if you need to have a document translated from Czech to English and vice versa.

Please note that while the Embassy authenticates translations (i.e.officially verifies their accuracy), we do not not provide actual translating services. Therefore, if you need us to verify the accuracy of a translation, you must submit the source document as well as its translation. As long as the translation is correct, it is not important who is its author (you, your friend, a commercial interpreter...). For your convenience, here is a list of some translators you can approach:



Linguistic Services; Vladimir Fox, V. Fox and Associates, Ottawa
tel.: 613.228.2207, fax: 613.228.9228; toll free: 1877.228.2209; e-mail: foxlingv@istar.ca, fox@foxtranslations.com
301-1897 Baseline Rd., Ottawa, ON, K2C 0C7

Eva Mesticová
tel.: 416.922.8786; fax: 416.922.6540; e-mail: emestic@hotmail.com

All Languages Ltd., Toronto
306-421 Bloor St. E., Toronto, ON, M4W 3T1
tel.: 416.975.5000; 1800.567.8100; fax: 416.975.0505; e-mail: info@alllanguages.com; web: www.alllanguages.com

Martin Bonhard, Toronto
tel. 416-754-7710, e-mail: martin_bonhard@hotmail.com

Barbara Sherriff
tel. 905-602-0264, e-mail: barbara_sherriff@rogers.com



Czech Linguistic Services, Misha Smid
tel.: 514.630.9076; fax: 514.630.4675; e-mail: smid@emerge.ca

Dr. Olga Ajvazova, Montréal
5254 Cote Saint Antoine, Montréal, QC, H4A 1P4
tel.: 514.481.3333; e-mail: olgatranslation@sympatico.ca

Pavla Fofana, Montréal
tel.: 514.342.9554

Czech Linguistic Centre, Pointe Clare
tel.: 514.433.7554; e-mail: gmsmid@sympatico.ca



Hana Kucerova, Port Moody
tel.: 604.937.0540; e-mail: hkucerova@telus.net

MOSAIC Translations, Vancouver
1522 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC, V5L 3Y2
tel.: 604.254.0469; fax: 604.254.2321; web: www.mosaicbc.com

Jiří Adler, Coquitlam
tel.: 604.512.4521; e-mail: jadler@telus.net

NOTE: The above translators are not accredited by the Czech Republic which means that their translations must first be verified by Czech embassies/consulates to be accepted as official in the Czech Republic.

Translators accredited in the Czech Republic can be searched at the website of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic(most of these interpretors are located in the Czech Republic). Vladimir Sulc (tel. 212.725.9845, 347.754.1158; e-mail: vladimir.sulc@me.com) is accredited by the Czech Republic and resides in New York City. Translations made by him do not need any verification from Czech embassy/consulate.


Atingo,  Praha 7, 170 00  Dukelských hrdinů 33

Translations and interpreting

Sworn translation and notary verification
Graphical processing

Three-level quality check

  Phone: +420 257 315 353

  Fax: +420 257 313 573

  Mobil: +420 603  841 180, +420 777 atingo

  E-mail: atingo@atingo.eu, atingo@icom.cz, atingo@atingo.cz, atingo@volny.cz

  Web: www.atingo.eu