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Specific Visa Information for Foreigners (how to apply in Canada)

This section is intended for all foreigners, including Canadian citizens, seeking information on the visa application procedure at the Czech Embassy in Ottawa. NOTE: Due to unprecedented volumes of visa applications, during the months of June, July and August all visa applicants who must appear in person must schedule an APPOINTMENT with the consular section (ottacons@gmail.com).

We are not  associated or in any way officially connected with any "visa agency". To make an appointment to present a visa application can be done directly, no "visa agency" services are needed.

Information on the possibility of submitting applications without personal submission

With effect from 1 February 2021, in accordance with the provisions of Section 169d (3) of Act No. 326/1999 Coll., on the Residence of Foreign Nationals in the Czech Republic, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ottawa allows the submission of applications for long-stay visas (with the exception of long-stay visas with the purpose of business), for long-term residence permits in case of applicants enrolled in the Highly Qualified Worker Programme and in the Key and Research Staff Programme and for long-term residence permits with the purpose of scientific research and for long-term residence permits for family members of scientific researchers for citizens of Canada without the requirement of personal submission of the application. We would like to point out the possibility of additional summoning of the applicant
to the Embassy for the purpose of conducting an interview.

Please select the type of visa you would like to apply for from the list on the left.

Useful links for visa applicants and long term residents

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