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Exposition et forum Future Forces 2022 à PRAGUE

La République tchèque organise la 14ème édition de l'exposition biennale de défense et de sécurité FUTURE FORCES FORUM (FFF) qui aura lieu du 19 au 21 octobre 2022 à Prague.

Prague has been a long-time hub for international defence and security community networking within the FFF events. The exhibition and forum are organized under the auspices of the Czech President and Government. It is held in close cooperation with armed and security forces, NATO, European Defence Agency (EDA) and other relevant organisations.

The programme addresses the latest trends and needs in the defence and security area and helps to achieve the much sought-after interoperability within the Joint All-Domain Operations environment. Another important aim is to facilitate active engagement with partner countries, international organizations, law enforcement and other security forces, industry, R&D, and academia across the globe. In conjunction with FUTURE FORCES FORUM, NATO working groups aimed at the topics related to the FFF program have their annual official sessions in Prague.

The FFF will serve as an excellent opportunity to gain information about new trends and identified capability gaps, to network with counterparts or business partners, or to present and review the latest developments and products in the defence and security field.

Participation in the Future Forces Exhibition and Future Forces Forum expert panels is free of charge for visitors and audience. Potential exhibitors and partners are welcome to contact the organisers.


- info@future-forces-forum.org

- www.future-forces-forum.org

- www.NATOexhibition.org