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Call For Proposals - New Health Centres in Takeo Province – Training of Medical Staff - RESULTS

(This article expired 31.05.2016.)

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Phnom Penh is pleased to announce the results of the Call for Proposals for a project “New Health Centres in Takeo Province – Training of Medical Staff and Awareness Campaign for Local Population” launched on 26th March 2015 and closed on 30th April of the same year.

In accordance with the Status of Evaluation Committee for Development Cooperation Projects and with regard to the specific conditions of projects within the framework of the Debt Resettlement with the Kingdom of Cambodia the Evaluation Committee has evaluated the submitted proposals. One proposal was submitted till the end of the deadline, 30th April 2015. The Evaluation Committee recommended the submitted proposal for implementation with objections and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic for Bilateral Non-European Cooperation, Economic Diplomacy and International Economic Institutions issued the final approval.


Requested Budget (USD)

Approved Budget (USD)

People in Need/Člověk v tísni

40 000





New Health Centres in Takeo Province – Training of Medical Staff

and Awareness Campaign for Local Population

funded by the Government of the Czech Republic  within the framework of

the Debt Resettlement  with the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Background Information:

This call is based on the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic on Debt Resettlement signed on May 12, 2008 and following negotiations held between the Czech Republic and the Kingdom of Cambodia on the mutual collaboration in the health sector in Takeo Province.

Since 2009 the Czech Republic has been funding the development projects in health sector in Takeo province to improve the health coverage and the quality of service delivery. In May 2015 construction of three new Health Centres in Ream Andoeuk, Thlea Prachum and Trapeang Kra Nhoung (Takeo Province), funded by the Czech Republic, will be completed.

The Provincial Health Department in Takeo will provide a sufficient number of medical staff. To ensure an effective operation of newly opened Health Centres all medical staff should be well-qualified and capable to use and maintain all medical equipment of Health Centres.

One of the continuing barriers to accessing quality health care is a knowledge of users that represents an ac­cess barrier. There is a lack of infor­mation on available services, a lack of con­fidence in facilities and staff, and a lack of community participation mechanisms. Cognitive barriers also include a pref­erence for traditional and home-based health care, a narrow understanding of modern medicine and mainstream health care, lack of knowledge of costs and avail­ability of public health services as well as a limited understanding of consumer rights.

Project Objectives:

The main objective of the project is to improve the quality of service delivery in Takeo Province. The specific objectives are to:

  1. increase the capacity of medical staff of three new Health Centers in Ream Andoeuk, Thlea Prachum and Trapeang Kra Nhoung;

  2. raise awareness about available medical services, raise con­fidence in health facilities and staff and increase community participation among the local population.

Available Funding:

The total amount of funds for this project is a maximum of USD 40 000. This is the maximum possible price that cannot be exceeded. There is no minimum or maximum percentage of cost sharing required. However, the Embassy of the Czech Republic encourages cost sharing, in-kind contributions, and other forms of cost participation. When cost sharing is offered, it is understood and agreed that the applicant must provide the amount of cost sharing as stipulated in its proposal and later included in an approved Contract.

Expected Duration of Project:

The project shall be completed within 6 months after the date of signature of the Contract.

Who Is Eligible to Submit a Proposal:

  • Local and Czech non-governmental, community and not-for-profit organizations working in the health sector;
  • International, intergovernmental, multilateral and regional institutions, organizations and agencies working in the health sector.

Expected Activities:

Proposals must include the following activities/key outputs:

  1. general training of medical staff of three new Health Centres in Ream Andoeuk, Thlea Prachum and Trapeang Kra Nhoung;

  2. specific training of medical staff of three new Health Centres in Ream Andoeuk, Thlea Prachum and Trapeang Kra Nhoung focused on maternal and child health and nutrition;

  3. specific training of medical staff of three new Health Centres in Ream Andoeuk, Thlea Prachum and Trapeang Kra Nhoung focused on building awareness of eye care and eye disease detection (in cooperation with the Caritas Takeo Eye Hospital);

  4. awareness campaign through which the local population living in communes covered by three new Health Centres will be informed about the new possibilities of health care and about the financial mechanisms that promote access to effective and affordable health care for the poor and vulnerable including:

  • Direct tax-funded health services plus user fees for the non-poor and exemptions for the poor, including monks, disabled war veterans, the elderly and eligible poor people;

  • Voluntary Community-Based Health Insurance targeting the informal sector at the community level;

  • Health Equity Funds reimburse health providers for services delivered to eligible poor and meet patient food, transport and other costs related to access;

  • Voucher schemes allow vouchers to be used instead of paying a user fee at selected providers for specific health services.

The applicants are encouraged to broaden the list of activities/ key outputs according to their capabilities and working experience. The territory coverage of the Project could be also extended (neighbouring Health Centres and Communes) if it is efficient and effective. The successful applicant shall discuss all matters related to the Project with the Takeo Provincial Health Department.

Eligible Costs: 

The Embassy of the Czech Republic can cover costs that are integral to the Project covered by an approved Contract. The Embassy of the Czech Republic cannot pay for operating costs or ongoing expenses of an implementing organization (i.e. salaries, utilities, rent, etc.). The following list of costs indicates the range of costs that are eligible:

  • administrative and overhead costs related to the project;
  • capital and/or operating expenditures related to the lease and/or purchase and/or building of infrastructure;
  • transportation costs, including fuel;
  • costs of services received by recipients;
  • outreach, communication and information dissemination costs,
  • legal costs;
  • accounting costs;
  • facilities and equipment rental charges;
  • salary costs relating to the project (not to the implementing organization);
  • travel expenses, using lowest fares possible but not exceeding full fare economy class;
  • lease or rental of vehicles;
  • vehicle and equipment operation, installation and/or maintenance;
  • miscellaneous expenses integral to the project.

The following costs are not eligible:

  • core funding or recurrent costs of an implementing organization,
  • expenses incurred prior to the signing of the Contract.

The total costs shall include all taxes (VAT) and other fees (custom fees), if applicable.

Proposal Evaluation Method

Project proposals will be evaluated using the following partial criteria:           


Maximum points (100)

Formal requirements of the project proposal


Extent to which the project proposal is consistent with the intended impacts


Total costs, percentage of eventual cost sharing and eligibility and percentage of personal and administrative costs


Previous experience of a submitting organization in the field of health and development assistance and its capacity to implement the project, namely in Cambodia


Project management (professional capacity and previous experience in the field of health and development assistance of the key project staff)


Potential to establish and maintain relations and good cooperation environment with local authorities)



Project proposals will be evaluated by the Evaluation Committee consisting of one representative of the following institutions:

  • Embassy of the Czech Republic in Phnom Penh;

  • Czech Development Agency;

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Department of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid;

  • Independent expert acquainted with Cambodia environment;

  • Takeo Provincial Health Department.

Process to Submit a Proposal:

  • All proposals must contain:

1. Proposal Form (DOC, 84 KB);

2. Budget Proposal Form (XLS, 41 KB);

3. Proof of the applicant's legal capacity;

4. Resumes or CVs of the primary (key) project implementing staff (project manager, technical or administrative staff etc.).

5. List of previous projects successfully completed in the health sector in Cambodia or elsewhere.

Only those proposals using the attached Forms and containing all above mentioned items will be considered.

  • Proposals and attachments must be submitted in English.
  • Proposals shall be submitted in both paper and soft copy to:

Embassy of the Czech Republic

The ICON Professional Building (5th floor)

216 Norodom Boulevard

Tonle Bassac, Chamkarmon

Phnom Penh.

E-mail: phnompenh@embassy.mzv.cz 

  • Deadline for submission is April 30, 2015. 
  • Only the successful candidates will be contacted, not later than May 20, 2015.

For advice and assistance on how to make a submission, please contact:

Ms. Sokun Theary Duong

Development Cooperation Coordinator

Embassy of the Czech Republic

E-mail: theary_duong@mzv.cz

Telephone: 023 726 623