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Photo: Velvyslanectví ČR v Pretorii
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Astonishing The World With Czechia’s Unique Jewellery

Czechia is one of the global jewellery manufacturing leaders with the total exports of jewellery products amounting to 1 billion EUR annually. Czechia has an abundant tradition in glass jewellery making, today primarily done by Preciosa Group in state-of-the-art factories. However Czech garnet and gold jewellery are also of high significance and as such sold all over the world.

Czech glass jewellery production

The production technique of glass jewellery has developed over the time from the manufacturing process taking place at glassmaker´s home, where glass beads were manually cut using knives, hand polished one bead at a time and thereafter strung, to the high-tech industry involving cutting edge technology.

One of the world’s leading producers of cut crystal, machine cut chatons, beads and other fashionable jewellery is renowned Czech company Preciosa Group (www.preciosa.com), nowadays making  its jewellery in highly automated factories.

It focuses 99 % of its production on foreign markets, especially Asia, the Middle East and Brazil. Impressive 3,5 million kg of beads are exported by Preciosa every year. There are four Preciosa’s brands operating under Preciosa Group: Preciosa Crystal Components, Preciosa Cubic Zirconia & Gems, Preciosa Ornela and Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads.

* Please, have a look at the video below, showing the manufacturing process of a lead glass for creative use in jewellery making by Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads.


Bohemian garnet jewellery production

Production of Bohemian garnet jewellery, also known as Czech garnet or Český granát, has a very long tradition in Czechia too.

One of the better known and most reputable brands of garnet jewellery in Czechia is Granat Turnov (www.granat.cz/en). Granat Turnov was formed as a cooperative of small goldsmiths in 1953 and has retail outlets in Prague and several other cities across the country with its products being sold all over the world.

* Please, have a look at the video below, showing the entire process of garnet jewellery making from mining of the actual precious stone all the way to the final products by Granat Turnov.


Precious metal jewellery production

Precious metal processing has a rich tradition in Czechia, from the era of a famous Prague goldsmiths’ art to the contemporary gold production, reaching far beyond the borders of the country.

Soliter A.S. (www.soliter.cz) is a traditional Czech manufacturer of gold and silver jewelry which operates with its own retail outlets. Soliter has more than 100 years of experience, selling its products through its own brand stores as well as through the stores of various wholesale partners.

Another reputable producer of precious metal jewelry components with very long tradition is Safina A.S (www.safina.cz). The company has a significant influence and a footprint in European, North American and Asian markets.

Mladjana Pejkovic, Economic and Commercial Section


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