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Photo: Green hybrid power plant HPS 500 - Monarch Praha s.r.o.
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Innovative energy solutions coming from Czech Republic

Technologies for reusing industrial waste in new products, increased use of renewable energy sources, and support for energy sources are of paramount importance in the Czech Republic as it is emphasis strategy for sustainable development. The companies from the energy sector of the Czech Republic possess in these areas technical competence and manufacturing excellence, which combined with cost effectiveness and traditional reliability.

Find bellow are listed several of them that are interested in co-operation with firms from South African region. Should you require any further information please contact the Economic Section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Pretoria via email: commerce_pretoria@mzv.cz or tel: +27 12 431 2380.

Current trends in the energy sector in the Czech Republic:

  • Cogeneration Units
  • Biomass-fired boilers
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar thermal collectors
  • Small hydropower plants
  • Smart-grids and smart-city solutions
  • Energy infrastructure
  • Waste-to-energy technology
  • Technologies for reusing waste
  • Wastewater treatment technologies


Czech companies in the energy industry to contact:

Renewable energy, water and sanitation

IWWA Dream Team s.r.o. /Lavimont Overseas

IWWA Dream Team, s.r.o. focuses on designing in the field of a ground construction, water-management constructions and also transport construction.

The company provides solutions of the lack of drinking water. Together with the partner company Lavimont Overseas have found the Water Treatment Plants - the unique invention that enables to change any under-surface, surface or contaminated water into drinking water. The plant is delivered and installed on key for transport, security and durability reasons in the steel durable container.

Contact details: Mr. Jiří Račko, Cell: +420 774 770 382

Email: racko@iwwa.cz

For more information visit: http://www.iwwa-dt.cz/

Brochure to download: Desalination container (PPTX, 2 MB), Water Treatment Plant Solution Lavimont (PDF, 2 MB), Local investigation to define conditions for water treatment plant solution (PDF, 241 KB), Beverage Industry line equipment (PDF, 2 MB)

Monarch Praha s.r.o

The company has been experienced and engaged in various alternative energy projects. Based on the requirements from mobile operators, it has developed a unique product - a compact solar & wind energy producing "miniature" plant used for power supply of BTS stations (HPS 500 - Green Hybrid Power Station).

Contact: Mr. Pavel Šedivý, Mr. Nikolay Karpukhin

Email: sedivy@monarchpraha.cz,

Tel/fax (Office): +420 325-598-077 /Tel (Europe): +420-608-716765 / Tel (MiddleEast): +90-535-7448284

Brochure to download: HPS 500 - Hybrid Power station (DOCX, 41 KB)

For more information visit: monarch-praha.com

Engineering and EPC contractors for energy power plants

Škoda Praha a.s.

ŠKODA PRAHA provides turnkey delivery of complete plant and bears single-point responsibility towards client for cost, time and quality of delivered work including performance guarantees. Complete power or heating plant or part of it or reconstruction and modernization of plant can be delivered on the EPC bases. Škoda Praha possess decades of experience energy sector, provides quality, innovative and competitive engineering solutions that meet the individual needs of their clients. Their projects are well known for excellent reliability, efficiency and advanced advanced technological quality with respect of environmental protection criteria.  

Contact details: Pedro Mauleon - Business Development Manager, Cell: +420 725 707 695, Email: pedro.mauleon@skodapraha.cz
For more information visit: www.skodapraha.cz

ELCOM a.s.

They were originally established as an Engineering and Consulting Centre in the power and electrical engineering industry, specializing in reactive power compensation, electromagnetic compatibility and energy consumption optimization.  The company has since extended into AC control drives and special electromotors

Contact details:  Dr Daniel Kaminsky – Division Director (Virtual Instrumentation), Tel: +420 558 279 950, Cell: +420 602 794 569,

Email: daniel.kaminsky@elcom.cz

For more information visit: www.elcom.cz

Aurora Engineering s.r.o.

Aurora Engineering is an experienced contractor with proven excellence in Mechanical Design Engineering. They create value to their clients in the high-tech engineering sector by providing a full range of professional services from idea to end product. Their uniqueness is in delivering nontrivial solutions for inconceivable tasks during the development of railway machinery, industrial equipment and heavy machinery

Contact details:

Igor Ryzhenkov – CEO, Cell: +420 608 846 215, Email: ryzhenkov@auroracz.com

Yuri Gololobov – Business Development Director, Cell: +420 777 929 499, Email: gololobov@auroracz.com

For more information visit: www.auroracz.com

INCO engineering s.r.o

INCO engineering s.r.o. manufactures and delivers a full package of machines and equipment for vertical and inclined transport in underground and open-pit mines. Modernization and retrofit of older mining hoists and equipment utilizing the latest up to date systems and technologies, which are used in newly built machines, is another core competency of INCO engineering.

Contact details: Vitezslav Votruba – Business Director, Cell: +420 602 443 914, Tel: +420 222 780 372

Email: votruba@incoengineering.cz

For more information visit: www.incoengineering.cz



Technology and equipment

SDIC - Association of Industrial Plant Suppliers

The Association of Industrial Plant Suppliers was established in August 1986. The activities of the association respond to the needs of its members according to different situations in the different stages of development in the field of capital equipment. They are focused exclusively on supplies of capital equipment to both domestic and foreign markets.

Contact details: Ondřej Zavadil – Secretary, mobile: +420 774 413 722, Email: ondrej.zavadil@afpower.cz

For more information visit: www.sdic.cz


Kovobel are producers of agricultural equipment, production assembly and poultry equipment. They also produce demountable storage containers.

Contact details:  Mr. Emil Beber, Cell: +420 602 419 834

Tel: +420 379 724 441

Email: emil.beber@kovobel.cz

For more information visit: www.kovobel.cz

Gantry Rail s.r.o

Gantry Rail s.r.o. offers services in the area of lifting equipment, lifting magnet technology, steel constructions, railway routes, crane routes and rack feeders.

Our clients highly recommend us due to our great success and the guaranteed high quality of our work.

Contact details: Mr. Josef Mráz, director, Cell: +420 603 181 306, Tel: +420 224 453 530

Email: info@gantryrail.com, mraz@gantryrail.com

For more information visit: www.gantryrail.com

ETD Transformatory a.s.

The company was established in 1923 and has experience in the production of distribution, power and other types of world class transformers, auto transformers, furnace transformers, traction transformers and chokes for use in the rail industry as well as special reactors. Experience and activities in South African region.

Contact details: Milan Keller, Sales Director Cell: +420 731 552 167

Email: milan.keller@etd-bez.cz

For more information visit: www.etd-bez.cz

Eurometal Group

EUROMETALGROUP, s.r.o. (EMG) is a dynamic exclusively-Czech company with manufacturing tradition since 2006. Among their products, they serially produce chimney stoves and thick-walled flue pipes, of which are ranked among the biggest manufacturers in the Czech Republic.

The company has gradually expanded technological capabilities possessing the most modern CNC technologies for handling sheet metal, CNC separation of metallurgical materials, CNC metalworking, custom locksmith works and coating.

Contact details:  Julius Natejka – Business Agent, Cell: +420 725 575 843

Email: matejka@eurometalgroup.cz

For more information visit: www.eurometalgroup.cz

Mico s.r.o

The company specializes in designing and manufacturing heat exchangers, condensers, pressure vessels, tanks, steel structures, technology equipment for the nuclear and conventional power generation industries, chemical and food industry and gaskets for special application.

The company also provides technology equipment for waste water treatment plants of the AND type, including its own project and design.

Contact details: Josef Drha – Business Development, Cell: +420 778 778 415, Tel: +420 568 850 140

Email: jdrha@mico.cz

For more information visit: http://www.mico.eu

B&BARTONI s.r.o.

B&Bartoni is a manufacturer of both hand and machine cutting and welding consumables for OXYFUEL - PLASMA - LASER cutting and MIG/MAG welding. The brand of B&BARTONI has been a synonym for quality and innovation all over the world for more than 15 years.

Contact details: Petr Haupt, Sales Director, Cell: +420 773 290 146, Email: petr.haupt@b-bartoni.cz

Brochure to download:

BBartoni_EN (PDF, 29 MB)

For more information visit: www.b-bartoni.cz

Knob Engines

The company was founded in 2010 and their focus lies in the design work in the field of combustion engines and transmission devices. The company cooperates with many respectable institutions and industrial companies in industrial research and experimental development. They also deal with the application of geopolymer-based materials in the fields of aviation. rail vehicles and automotive.

Contact details: Jiri Drahovzal, Manager, Mobile: +420 608 607 080, Email: jiri@knobengines.com

For more information visit: www.knobengines.com


Mining technology and equipment

CDT - Czech Extraction and Mining Technology

CDT are a group of companies which are renowned, prosperous and economically advanced. They have practical experiences with complete supplies for mining and modification of mineral resources. These stretch from planning of the mine, selection and determination of right technology. Processing of concrete facility plan, reinsurance of complete production including assembly and includes financing for business. 

Contact details: Jiří Šarec – Executive Director, Cell: +420 602 376 936

Email: j.sarec@seznam.czcdt@cdte.cz

For more information visit: www.cdte.cz

BBartoni_EN (PDF, 29 MB)



Authors: Economic and Commercial Section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Pretoria