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Photo: smartbrewery.cz
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Smart mobile minibreweries coming from Czechia

It has never been so easy to start your own beer company. The Czech firms produce professional beer-making sets that fit in a backyard but can produce commercial quantities of brew. The mobile breweries are a far cry from the kits typically made for home use. They cost about 120,000 euros ($143,500), weigh 3,000 kilograms (6,614 pounds) and can generate 525 hectoliters (11,550 gallons) of beer a year. The country in the heart of Europe offers huge professional capacities in the brewing industry, regardless of whether those are gold-drink fans, specialists or technology companies involved in brewery constructions.

Beer is a popular alcoholic foamy drink made by fermentation of malt, water, and hops and beer production has a long tradition in Czechia as one of the beer types, Pilsner beer, was originated there. At present the Czech Republic ranks among the countries with the largest consumption of beer in Europe. Czech beers commonly win in beer competitions and polls around the world.

The Company SMART BREWERY /WELL SERVICE is engaged in the development, production and sale of mobile container breweries. Its services also include supply of raw materials for beer production and consultancy in the brewing industry. WELL SERVICE is represented by a team of experts, designers and technologists. They introduced the first fullyfledged brewery in a standardized shipping container under the SMART BREWERY brand after two years of development. The container brewery now makes available technology for brewing of quality beer all over the world. The universal technology hidden in the shipping containers allows their users to brew classic Czech beer of Pilsner type, fermented specialties and all types of beer. In addition to producing container breweries, SMART BREWERY helps with training of staff, providing raw materials and preparation of user's own beer formula. Through the business partners in the countries where the breweries are delivered, they care about the warranty and postwarranty service.

Technical parameters:

3.800 kg

Building preparedness:
Strengthened horizontal area of min. 20 m

Sources and connections:
Electricity: up to 35kW (at max. offtake), 3x 400V, 50Hz
Water: Drinking water, quality can be solved by adding a filter unit
Waste: Wastewater contains only biodegradable substances that can be discharged directly into sewers

The container is completely insulated for trouble-free use in any climate from – 40 ° C to + 50 ° CSanitation:
For automatic cleaning of KEG barrels and CIP washing (cleaning of tanks), an automatic washer is provided.
For other washing, a manual pressure washer is designed.

Contact details:

Mr Pavel Poživil, CEO, Cel: +420 777999041
E-mail: pavel@smartbrewery.cz
For more information: www.smartbrewery.cz

Ringhofferova 1, Praha 5
Czech Republic



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