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Wildlife Protection & Anti-Poaching Powered by GINA Software

GINA is a communication, command and management tool for operations, supporting variety of agencies around the World. GINA´s systems support Hummanitarian and Crisis Response missions, Law Enforcement and Emergency Services and initiatives preserving and protecting Wildlife and our fragile Ecosystems.

Combination of tracking and communication devices (Satellite, GSM, Radio) integrated with a powerful platform for operation management delivers an all-in-one solution for all Wildlife Protection related activities. GINA provides real-time overview of situation; especially locations of staff, vehicles and other assets including tracked animals. Its tools help to create geographical areas or POIs determining local features that help to carry out the work more efectively. The portfolio of features goes even further providing tools for mapping, datacollection and even per request functions implemented for individual clients. Each user of the system is equipped by a distress button to send an SOS signal or to request aid in case of en emergency.

Thanks to the close cooperation with variety of missions, GINA is able to offer one of the best performing solutions on the market. GINA is flexible and can integrate other technologies including sensors or drones that ensure the best possible results. Already notorious heart of GINA´s system is interactive real time map that helps to manage operations with computer-game like precession and efectivity. Their clients also benefit from tools for analysis, history overview and reports that GINA generates which help them save costs of their operations and eliminate risks.

A Word by the Organization "Save-Elephants.org" (https://www.save-elephants.org/en/)

Regardless the gender, education, social status or citizenship – people all across the world are involved in illegal business with wildlife products. This illegal activities offer an easy way to money, especially speaking of commodities like ivory, rhino horns or pangolins valued mainly on Chinese market and further across Asia despite their official ban. The list goes on, including bush-meat and commodities for traditional medicine, cosmetics or fashion industry.

Increasing efforts to fight the illegal business with wildlife products still faces a lot of challenges, the greatest one being lack of funding and both legal and public support. This limits not only the available workforce but especially the acquisition of needed technology. One cannot fight against the vast „army“ of poachers, traffickers and businessmen without proper tools. And it is the new technologies, such as GINA is capable to deliver, that are the real gamechanger bringing a difference in the fight against the poaching crisis.

Increasing the quality of communication and coordination of wildlife protection efforts are the key to much needed improvement. This is relevant not only to illegal wildlife trade but also to natural disasters like oil leaks or forest fires and to research activities like mapping of wildlife population and its behaviour. Solutions like GINA are invaluable to plan, surveil and evaluate field operations and to keep track of incidents. This not only helps to protect wildlife in real time but serves to determine wildlife trafficking routes, hotspots and eventually the network of people behind these illegal activities.

We at Save-Elephants.org participate on several investigation initiatives, mainly in Central Africa. From experience a robust and reliable communication and management tool is of utmost importance to successfully manage operations. The goal is effective and sustainable work but also preventing of risks or ability to react to unforeseen incidents. As our team of experts, volunteers and local collaborators grows bigger, the work can no longer be done with simple maps and conventional apps. Some of our current investigations comprise several collaborators dealing with up to dozens of suspects, which already requires good coordination. Similarly, our eco-development and wildlife-human conflict mitigation projects in rural areas of Chad need to be properly managed. Even from remote headquarters we need to assure fast and safe deployment of field staff to remote locations. The more our efforts develop, the more we appreciate the advantages GINA can provide. We further believe that many existing conservation structures, including the major ones, might need to grasp their internal communication and management of operations in all the modernity available. The sake of wild places deserves it!

Arthur F. Sniegon


Contact details to GINA Software s. r. o.:

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