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VEBA: a Czech producer of first-class African fabrics

VEBA is a traditional producer of cotton jacquard fabrics and ranks among the most important producers in the world. VEBA has been producing home and clothing textiles in the heart of Europe since 1856. Global trends pulsate in VEBA’s products thanks to its team of top designers. The company exports nearly 90 % of products to Western Africa.
VEBA is a dynamic, growing and innovative company located in the Czech Republic. It combines tradition and state-of-the-art textile technology. VEBA magical fabrics will enchant you with their purity and precision.

VEBA products

VEBA production comprises two product lines – mainly African clothing fabrics and also household textiles which serve to diversify company’s portfolio. VEBA fabrics are lighter, more breathable and richer in quality than you are used to. All this is possible because of the use of the finest Egyptian cotton and manufacturing in Europe. Based on VEBA’s long experience on African markets, the produced fabrics feature the most fashionable designs and therefore are setting the trends for others.

African brocade

VEBA superior quality African brocades are designed especially for the African continent. This unique jacquard product, based on a superior quality fabric, is made from the finest cotton yarns. Company’s know-how is reflected in the African patterns, special bindings and exquisite finishes which guarantee the success of VEBA brocades on the market.