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Admissibility of an application for a short time (Schengen) visa

1.The request was submitted within the time limit. Visa applications shall be submitted not earlier than six months and, in the case of seafarers, in the performance of their duties, not earlier than nine months, before the start of the intended… more ►

Schengen visa

Please contact a VFS Global Office close to you (https://visa.vfsglobal.com/zaf/en/cze/attend-centre) for an appointment. Only Family members of EU citizens can apply in the Embassy, for an appointment contact the Czech Embassy directly via… more ►

Future Forces Exhibition will take place in Prague on 19-21 October 2022


Czech Republic will host the 14th FUTURE FORCES FORUM (FFF) on 19-21 October 2022 in Prague. The programme again includes international exhibition, expert panels and other networking events. Czech Republic will host the 14th FUTURE FORCES FORUM… more ►

Health insurance for long term visas and long term residence applicants - new conditions since 2th August 2021

With the amendment of the Act on the Residence of Foreigners with effect from 2 August 2021, the conditions for proving insurance have changed and the Act has newly enshrined the obligation to provide comprehensive health insurance with the… more ►

Temporary suspension of passport agenda

The Embassy announces that it has temporarily suspended the collection of passport applications and issuance in Pretoria for technical reasons. The resumption of the passport agenda should take place after the elimination of the disorder in the… more ►

Visa to the Czech Republic

The Czech Embassy has resumed limited visa activities. Schengen visas remain suspended. VERY HIGH RISK COUNTRIES (RSA, Namibia, Botswana, Mosambique , Lesotho, Eswatini) - DARK RED: essential travel, applications for all long-term visas +… more ►

Access to Accommodation and Services with Vaccination or Recovery Certificate Only

As of November 22, 2021, accommodation, restaurants, beauty and sports services and others will be accessible by fully vaccinated persons and persons recovered from Covid-19 only (with few exceptions, see below). The aim of this measure is to… more ►

National Theatre Prag to the National Day of the Czech Republic: Don Giovanni Opera

To celebrate 28th October, the National Day of the Czech Republic, we invite you to watch the on-line video record of "Don Giovanni" opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on www.artmusic.com. National Day of the Czech Republic 28 th October:… more ►

I Have Not Seen A Butterfly Around Here - extibition in Cape Town

Join us on Wednesday 20 October at 6pm for the Official Opening of the Exhibition I Have Not Seen A Butterfly Around Here, Cape Town Holocasut and Genocide Centre, 88 Hatfield St, Gardens. The opening address will be given by the Ambassador of… more ►

EUFF - Live panel discussion with Agnieszka Holland (Charlatan)

Friday, 15 October: 18.00 to 19.00 Breaking glass ceilings for women in film – the challenges, the accomplishments, the journey. How far have we come, how far still to go… Discussants: Agnieszka Holland (Charlatan), Antoinette… more ►