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Harmonized list of supporting documents to be submitted by applicants for short term visas in South Africa

On 30 August 2017, the European Commission has approved the list of supporting documents to be submitted by applicants for short term visas in South Africa.
The Embassy points out that a negative decision (visa refusal) to issue a visa is always notified to applicants in writing form. The applicant has the right to appeal within 15 days.
The mere issue of a visa does not automatically entitle you to enter the Schengen area.
Applicants shall be required to prove at the external borders that they fulfil the conditions laid down in paragraph 5 of the Schengen Code.
The official working languages are Czech and English.

The EU list is common to all Schengen Member States. Any Member State may specify which additional documents are required beyond this standard list. A complete list of requirements of the Czech Republic can be found here.

List of supporting documents to be presented by applicants for short stay visas in South Africa

1. General requirements for all applicants

a) round trip reservation and detailed itinerary including dates and flight numbers specifying the dates of entry and exit from the territory of the Member State;

b) proof of sufficient means of subsistence during the intended stay: bank statement for the past three months, unless all the expenses are covered by the employer or the host;

c) non-South African nationals: South African residence permit or temporary residence permit valid at least three months beyond the planned stay in the territory of the Member States;

d) if the applicant does not intend to return to South Africa but go either to his country of origin or another third county, a reasonable proof of their intention is needed e.g. work contract in the new destination, or proof of enrolment in university/school or a rental agreement.


a) the minor’s birth certificate

b) certified copies of ID/passport of both parents;

c) if the minor travels alone: certified parental consent by both parents;

d) if the minor travels with only one parent, the other parent must produce the certified consent. If only one parent has guardianship of the minor, the relevant court documents must be presented.

2. Document to be submitted when travelling for the purpose of tourism, business or study

a) proof of accommodation for the duration of the intended stay. If accommodation costs are covered by another entity, this must be clearly stated in the invitation letter;

b) if applicant is staying with a relative or friend, an invitation letter mentioning this must be submitted.

The invitation letter must clearly identify the host and the invitee (name, address, birthdate, official identification number, occupation and permanent residence); the purpose of the visit; length of stay and accommodation status (where will the invitee stay and who pays for it). Some Member States may require that proof of sponsorship and/or private accommodation is provided by means of a specific form;

c) in case of a pre-paid tour, details of the tour with a proof of payment to the tour operator should be provided;

d) proof of employment: a letter from company stating monthly wages, continuing employment after period of leave and duration of vacation etc.;

e) if self-employed: a certification from SA Companies and Intellectual Property Commission or SA Revenue Service is required;

f) if student: Letter from school/college/university in South Africa certifying the student status of the applicant.

3. Documents to be submitted when attending specific events, such as conferences, workshops, short term studies and research, official meetings, cultural and sports events, exhibitions, fairs, training, etc.

a) for persons attending sports events, exhibitions and fairs: presentation of a document proving the participation of the applicant in the event;

b) for other events: an invitation from the host or a company in the Member State of destination is needed. The invitation should include clear identification of both the entity issuing it and the invited applicant; nature, duration and venue of the event; applicant´s role in the event and the link between the host and the invited applicant;

c) for participation in conferences: a proof of registration and payment;

d) official visits: a note verbale from the Department of International Relations and Cooperation or any other relevant South African Ministerial Department is required.

If expenses are covered by the host and/or by the employer this needs to be clearly established in the invitation letter or note verbale, as appropriate.

4. Transit

If the applicant intends to enter the territory of a Member State, however, short the stay will be (including change of airport, going from airport to train or bus station or even change terminals when that entails entering the territory of the Member State), he/she must apply for a short stay visa.

5. Airport transit

Proof of entry permit for the country of final destination