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Společný dopis předsedovi Evropské komise

Ministři 6-ti členských států EU (Česká republika, Itálie, Polsko, Rakousko, Slovenská republika a Slovinsko) adresovali společný dopis předsedovi Evropské komise Jean-Claude Junckerovi a vyjádřili v něm podporu rozšíření EU o země západního Balkánu.


Federal Ministry for Europe,

Integration and Foreign Affairs

Republic of Austria

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Czech Republic

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

and International Cooperation

Republic of Italy


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Republic of Poland

Ministry of Foreign and

European Affairs

of the Slovak Republic

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Republic of Slovenia




Jean-Claude JUNCKER

President of the European Commission                                                                                                                       

Brussels                                                                                                                                                18 November 2019



Since the Thessaloniki Summit in 2003, the EU has consistently reiterated its openness for membership of all countries of the Western Balkans who are able and willing to meet the Union’s criteria. Over the years, this European perspective has been a source of motivation for the reforms in the countries of the region and has delivered concrete results, including the historic Prespa Agreement. 

Last month, the EU did not reach consensus on opening accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia. At the time when we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain that ushered in the era of Europe’s unification, we reiterate that the consolidation of Europe cannot be completed without the Western Balkans.

Moreover, there can be no doubt that durable stability and security as well as the continuation of the reform processes in the region can best be achieved through EU-integration. The accession process is the quintessential instrument for achieving this goal, thus making a key contribution to the Union’s security and prosperity. It therefore must continue without unnecessary delay. There is no viable alternative to full-fledged membership of the Western Balkan countries in the EU if we want to safeguard our interests in the region effectively.

It is true that the current accession process in the Western Balkans progresses slowly and somewhat unevenly. We are therefore ready to engage constructively in an effort to improve this process. We will do so on the understanding that such an exercise be conducted in an effective and result-oriented fashion and that it enables the EU to reach consensus on opening accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia in March 2020.

In parallel, we call on the European Commission to elaborate by January 2020 concrete proposals for ways to enhance the effectiveness of the accession process as an instrument to support reform and integration efforts in the region.

The EU’s openness to all European nations who share our values and are ready to accept the acquis communautaire is pivotal for the Union’s historic mission of completing European unification.



                (signed)                                                                                          (signed)

                Alexander Schallenberg                                                             Tomáš Petříček

                Federal Minister for Europe,                                                    Minister of Foreign Affairs

                Integration and Foreign Affairs                                               Czech Republic

                Republic of Austria                                                                      


               (signed)                                                                                           (signed)

                Luigi Di Maio                                                                               Jacek Czaputowicz

                Minister for Foreign Affairs                                                      Foreign Minister

                and International Cooperation                                                Republic of Poland

                Republic of Italy                                                                            



                (signed)                                                                                              (signed)

                Miroslav Lajčák                                                                            Miro Cerar

                Minister of Foreign and                                                              Minister for Foreign Affairs

                European Affairs                                                                          Republic of Slovenia

                of the Slovak Republic