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Photo: ZU Pristina
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Czech AcroYoga in Prizren

Certified lecturer AcroYoga International and AcroYoga Montreal Level I. and II., Mrs. Daniela Dušková, leads the Acro Yoga workshops for children in the accompanying program DokuKids, which is the part of the largest Kosovo Film Festival DokuFest.

Children aged 7 – 15 years under the guidance of the Czech teacher learn the proper technique, training flexibility and develop their strength. Acro Yoga a fun way develops cooperation, trust and communication between the participants, all of these elements are very important and complement each other. Children can learn something new at the workshops and especially have a lot of fun during the exercises.

DokuFest, an international festival of documentary and short films, offers over 200 films from around the world every year. The 18th year of the festival takes place from 2 to 10 August 2019 in the city of Prizren in Kosovo.




AcroYoga2 152 KB JPG (Picture / Photo) Aug 7, 2019

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AcroYoga4 236 KB JPG (Picture / Photo) Aug 7, 2019

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