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Photo: Embassy of the Czech Republic in Pristina
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„Prague 68“ –„Actress Arta Dobroshi Jumping Joyfully for World Peace“

On May 23, 2018 an opening ceremony of a photo exhibition “Prague 68”- “Actress Arta Dobroshi Jumping Joyfully for World Peace“ took place in the National Library in Pristina to commemorate the 50th anniversary of military occupation of Czechoslovakia and inspire all people to live in peace. The event presents a new concept of an exhibition – a Photo-Pair Exhibition. In fact two very different exhibitions in parallel interacting between themselves. One black and white presenting the past, one colorful presenting the future. The third element is the viewer.

This triangle creates an interactive space for imagination, thinking and new ideas. It gives the viewer a positive dynamics to leave a gray daily stereotype. The viewer becomes an active part of a synergic dialogue between the pictures, the dialogue arising from their sharp contrast based on pictured situations, emotions, techniques, design and lay-out.

“Prague 68” is a series of photographs by a Czech photographer Oldřich Škácha. Exhibited pictures bring his eyewitness account documented with his camera the first day of Soviet military intervention in Prague on its hot spots where peaceful and shocked Czechoslovak citizens were dying - Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square and Czechoslovak Radio HQ. The occupation of Czechoslovakia on 21 August 1968 led by the Soviet Red Army claimed 137 lives of Czechoslovak citizens during the first months. Czechoslovakia then got frozen into a strongly totalitarian regime fully controlled by Moscow for next 21 years.

Kosovo well-known artist Arta Dobroshi who was, inter alia, awarded the Best Actress in 2011 at 24fps International Short Film Festival (film “Baby”) or nominated as the best actress in 2008 at the Cannes Film Festival (movie “Lorna’s Silence”) presents in the exhibition her pictures titled “Actress Arta Dobroshi Jumping Joyfully for World Peace“. It is a series of pictures taken by various photographers documenting Arta’s initiative to inspire people to live in peace and to respect all others. On her pictures she is joyfully jumping together with children, prominent personalities, refugees, diplomats, artists and other people. Her photos are a reflection of her personal experience as a Kosovo Albanian how you achieve peace and freedom in one place and share them with all other people.

The exhibition has been organized by the Czech Embassy in Kosovo together with actress Arta Dobroshi. The opening ceremony was introduced by speeches of Ambassador Ivo Šilhavý who summarized the message of the exhibition by a quotation of Václav Havel: “Truth and Love must prevail over lies and hatred!” In her address, actress and Goodwill Ambassador Arta Dobroshi then, on the grounds of her experiences, reached the substance of the word peace both for an individual as for the society in general. Kosovo media described the exhibition as “special and very different” from other exhibitions and qualified it as “one more element of high level of Czech culture introduced to Kosovo public”.



„Prague 68“ –„Actress Arta Dobroshi Jumping Joyfully for World Peace“