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Wreath laying ceremony at the Cemetery of WWI Soldiers

With the participation of the representatives of the Hungarian and the Austrian Embassies in Pristina, Kosovo's government and the KFOR troops of Austria and Hungary in Kosovo the soldiers who died during the World War I were commemorated at the military cemetery in Peje.

The ceremony, which took place on 1st of November 2016, was attended by Béla Bozsik, Hungarian CDA a.i., Vera Fuchs, Austrian CDA a.i., Muhamet Latifi, Deputy Minister of Security Forces, Leutnant Wolfgang Weichselberger, Commander of the Austrian KFOR contingent, Leutnant Zoltán Virág, Commander of the Hungarian KFOR contingent and Gazmend Muhaxheri, Mayor of the Peja municipality. They laid wreaths to the memorial and they honored the fallen soldiers in their speeches.  Counsellor Vitezslav Pur attended the memorial event on behalf of the Czech Embassy.

The representative of the Hungarian Embassy Béla Bozsik said in the opening speech: „Today we gather to honour those who have rendered the highest service any one can offer to his nation. ……. Anyone who thinks that peace is set in eternity is fundamentally wrong. Those who died for us and our country were victims of a peace process that failed. …… Our tributes today will ring hollow if we don’t do our best to prevent the outbreak of a new war. Those nations which sent their soldiers to serve in the KFOR those nations and their soldiers are serving the peace in the Balkans and in Europe.”

The chaplains Hungarian and Austrian KFOR contingent spoke to the present guests at the conclusion of the ceremony.

The reconstructed Austro-Hungarian World War I Military Cemetery in the city of Peja was ceremonially handed over to the Municipality of Peja on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the WWI in November 2014. The initiative to restore the Military Cemetery in Peja was generated by a joint effort of the Embassy of Hungary and the Austrian Embassy in Pristina. The cemetery is again a dignified place of rest for 160 deceased soldiers of various nationalities within the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, 8 of which were the Czechs, and at the same time for 41 Russians, 2 Montenegrins, 1 Turkish and 4 unknown.


Wreath laying ceremony at the Cemetery of WWI Soldiers