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Aid for Trade in 2016 - Czech company prepared the feasibility study for the IT sector in Kosovo

The handover of the feasibility study focused on the interoperability of the information systems of Kosovo government was held at the Ministry of Public Administration of Kosovo on November 30, 2016. The analysis titled "Study for secured communication among the IT systems of state institutions in Kosovo" was developed by the Czech company DataB in the program Aid for Trade of the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The handover between the managing director of DataB Jiři Bukvic and Director of the Agency for Information Society Kujtim Gashi took place in the presence of the Minister Mahir Yagcilar, Ambassador Ivo Šilhavý and ca. 30 employees of the Ministries for Public Administration, Finance, Trade and Industry and Customs. Kosovar partners praised in their speeches the Czech assistance to support of the Kosovo's economy, very good collaboration with DataB and professional level of the study. Ambassador Ivo Šilhavý mentioned in his speech the Czech foreign development cooperation with Kosovo, support of social projects and economically oriented projects. He appreciated In the presented study the proposals to simplify communication between institutions and government with the private sector and the significant economic effects by its application.

The project was focused on the analysis of IT systems of the Kosovar institutions with specific competencies for the country's economy. The main objective was to identify the IT systems used by government institutions and the development of recommendations to ensure the integrity and the interoperability by union of the used software and hardware, which should result in increased efficiency of the whole IT system.

A total of 21 data-registers for the state and public administration were established in Kosovo. It was found, based on the analysis, that functional registers are well equipped with hardware and software and the state data center has sufficient power and capacity. The basic problem of Kosovo's IT systems, which prevent communication among institutions (state and public administration and private sector) is the incompatibility of data. The proposed solution is based on the harmonization of data elements and codes and setting up their central administration.

The implementation of the proposals based on the experience of the Czech Republic would significantly increase the efficiency of the functioning of information systems of the state and public administration, including the private sector and it would create the conditions for a more comprehensive providing of electronic services to the population. It would also create a better condition for effective solutions to domestic and foreign business enterprises in Kosovo and simplify the participation of Kosovo businesses in foreign trade.

Following the discussions with partners in Kosovo it is likely that the Kosovo side accede to the recommendations and conclusions of the study to harmonize their data structures. This could create an opportunity for further cooperation with the author of the study on the commercial basis.


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