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Call for identification of Transition Local Small Scale Projects for 2023

(This article expired 15.10.2022.)

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in the Republic of Kosovo announces a call for identification of Local Small Scale Projects (SSP) within the Czech Republic Transition Promotion Program in Kosovo in 2023. The program will be financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Project proposals should be in line with the priorities of promoting human rights and transformation cooperation and with the focus of the Czech Transition Cooperation Program, in particular:

  • support for civil society, including human rights defenders
  • promotion of freedom of expression and access to information, including media freedom
  • promotion of equal and the widest possible political participation
  • support for the building of the rule of law institutions
  • promotion of equality and non-discrimination
  • human rights promotion in employment and environmental issues.

The maximum amount of the budget is 500,000 CZK. In the attached SSP Identification Form, the exchange rate for converting EUR to CZK is already set to 25 CZK/EUR.

The Identification form of the proposed Project in English must be duly completed in all parts, signed by the authorized person and stamped.

Applicants are to send,no later than October 14, 2022, by e-mail their:

  • SSP Identification Form in Excel format
  • SSP Identification Form-signed, stamped and scanned version in PDF
  • NGO Registration Certificate scan in PDF.

Entities registered in Kosovo (local non-governmental non-profit organizations) which are interested in the implementation of their projects, can submit their proposals to the Embassy of the Czech Republic (e‑mail: Juraj_Melioris@mzv.cz, mob. +383 44 550 991) on the attached form. 



Call for identification of Small Local Development... 46 KB XLS (Excel document) Sep 30, 2022