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Call for Proposals: Small Scale Local Projects (SLP) 2017

The Embassy of the Czech Republic is pleased to launch its annual call for proposals for the Small Scale Local Projects (SLP) directly managed by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Prishtina. These projects are complementary to the large multiple-year projects implemented by the Czech Development Agency (CzDA) and are important component of the Czech Republic Development Cooperation since 2006.

Qualifying Projects:

The projects can focus on various sectors - preferably on children, minorities and people with disabilities. All projects should be in accordance with the national development strategy and should promote gender equality and respect for the environment.

Available Funding:

The Czech Republic funding for each project is from 200 000 CZK (app. 7 400 EUR) to 500 000 CZK (app. 18 500 USD) maximum. The expected total budget for Kosovo for 2017 is 1 000 000 CZK (app. 37 000 EUR). Co-funding from the applicant or other sources is welcomed. Total sum of personal and travel costs must not exceed 25% of total SLP budget.

Who is Eligible to Submit a Proposal: 

Entirely the organizations with legal capacity in Kosovo can submit the SLP proposal(s):

  • local non-governmental, community and not-for-profit organizations,
  • local academic institutions working on local projects,
  • international, intergovernmental, multilateral and regional institutions, organizations and agencies working on local development activities,
  • municipal, regional or national government institutions or agencies of the recipient country working on local projects.

The majority of SLP funding is to be directed toward local civil society organizations (including non-governmental organizations) and other institutions working at the local level. Other entities, such as international, intergovernmental, multilateral and regional organizations can be eligible for a contribution, provided that they are working with local partners and on local projects. Similarly, municipal, regional or national government institutions may receive SLP funding, provided that their projects are essentially local in nature.

Process to Submit a Proposal:

All proposals should be delivered to the Embassy of the Czech Republic, Ismail Qemali 31, Arbëri/Dragodan, 10000 Prishtinë / Priština, Kosovo, e-mail: pristina@embassy.mzv.cz both in paper form, and in electronic one (scanned with stamp and signature). The proposals must contain:

  • completed Identification Form with stamp and signature 
  • copy of the Document proving the applicant’s legal capacity 
  • copy of the Authorization of the signed person to act on the applicant’s behalf.

The maximum SLP duration is from March to October (8 months).

Terms of Project:

  • Interested entities should submit their proposals to the Embassy of the Czech Republic no later than 18th November 2016. Successful applicants should sign the Contract with the Embassy of the Czech Republic no later than 15th March 2017.
  • All SLP activities should be finished no later than 31st October 2017.
  • Successful applicants should submit the Final Report and all relevant financial documents to the Embassy of the Czech Republic no later than 30th November 2017.

Please download Identification Form (XLS, 67 KB), and for advice and assistance on how to make a submission, please contact:

Mr. Behar Zogiani

Development Cooperation Coordinator

E-mail: bzogiani@yahoo.com

Telephone: 044550494



Identification Form 67 KB XLS (Excel document) Aug 25, 2016