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Helping the Blind in Kosovo - Workshop to improve legislation

On May 25-26 2019 a workshop was organized near the town of Peja in the framework of a small local project “Advocacy for the drafting of sub-legal acts, with relevant ministries for the implementation of the Law on Blind people in the Republic of Kosovo".

This project  is financed with about 10 000 EURO from the budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic under the Transformation Cooperation Program. The main objective of the project is to improve the living conditions of the blind in Kosovo by improving the relevant legislation. The workshop was attended by the leadership of the Association of Blind in Kosovo, director of the Good Governance Department of the Prime Minister's Office Habit Hajredini, representatives of the Ministries of Labour and Social Affairs, Health and other institutions working with the Association of Blind. The head of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Kosovo, Pavel Bílek, gave the opening speech.

The current project is a continuation of the Czech Republic's long-term assistance to the blind in Kosovo. The assistance of the Czech side has gradually enabled the blind in Kosovo to start education at all levels, working with computers under the guidance of trainers, as well as study music with the help of specialized professors.

RTV21 brought report about the workshop in its evening news.


Workshop2 146 KB JPG (Picture / Photo) May 28, 2019

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