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Czech Medicine and Development Cooperation help to build up the capacities of the Kosovo Health Care System

On October 10, 2016 an acclaimed Czech radiologist Ms. Petra Steyerova attended the Third Satellite Symposium held in Pristina and organized by "Kosovo Open Medical Club" (KOMC). She presented to the professional audience her lecture titled "New and Old Approaches in Breast Imaging". Ambassador Ivo Šilhavý in his opening speech designated the Health Care System as one of the priorities of the Czech Development Cooperation projects in Kosovo. The Czech aid in building up the capacities of the Kosovo Health Care system were appreciated in their speeches by Kosovo Minister of Health Imet Rrahmani and President of KOMC Bujar Gjikolli. On this occasion, Kosovo Minister of Health awarded the Czech Embassy by a plaque for an outstanding cooperation.

KOMC implemented a successful project in the University Clinical Center of Kosovo in 2009 and 2010. Its Emergency Center was rebuild in cooperation with the hospital „Královské Vinohrady“ in Prague and the Czech Development Agency.

Additionally, KOMC is the implementer of the American Austrian Foundation project in Kosovo during the last ten years. This project made possible for almost 400 Kosovo doctors to participate in the Salzburg Seminars in Austria. Some of the Kosovo doctors got a one month internships in the Austrian hospitals.


KOMC Symposium in Pristina