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CzechInvest Agency is a state-controlled contributory organisation subordinated to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. Its main goal is to raise the competitiveness of the Czech economy by means of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, the business infrastructure and innovation.

CzechInvest attracts to the Czech Republic foreign investors operating in the manufacturing industry, strategic services and technology centres, and supports Czech enterprises in their expansion efforts. To simplify communication between the state, businessmen, and the European Union, CzechInvest acts as an umbrella business promotion organisation for firms engaged in manufacturing, using both EU and national financial sources. CzechInvest presents the Czech Republic to other countries as an attractive locality for investors and is the exclusive organisation authorised to submit applications for investment incentives. It also supports Czech firms interested in joining the supply chains of supranational companies. With its services and development programmes, CzechInvest helps towards the promotion of domestic firms and Czech and foreign investors, and the development of the general business environment. All CzechInvest’s services are provided free of charge.

Štěpanska 15
120 00 Praha 2
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 296 342 500
E-mail: info@czechinvest.org