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Doing Business in the Czech Republic

'Doing Business in the Czech Republic' brings up-to-date information about the structure and development of the Czech economy. You can learn a wide range of relevant information that will be useful in your decision-making on new investments or entering into contacts with businesses in the Czech Republic.

This website www.doingbusiness.cz contains, among others, detailed analyses of the various sectors of the economy and regions of the Czech Republic along with the business opportunities they offer. Beside statistical reviews regarding the economic situation in the Czech Republic, you will get information on specific Czech firms that are interested in doing business with foreign companies.

Located in the centre of Europe, the Czech Republic is considered the best choice for new businesses, espically in logistics, R&D, transport means production etc. because of its proximity to consumption and production zones. This, together with its EU membership, makes the country a perfect gateway to the single European market of more than 500 million consumers. Supporting this strategic location the Czech Republic has been ranked among the world's best in terms of transport-network density. This makes it an ideal supplier base for doing business not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the whole Europe. With an educated workforce and competitive infrastructure, Czech Republic is an appealing destination for foreign firms looking to grow in Europe. It is one of the most successful countries for attracting foreign direct investment.

Doing Business in the Czech Republic is an official website for professionals searching for business contacts in the Czech Republic and information about business climate, structure and development of the Czech economy.