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Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation - EGAP

The Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation (EGAP) is a specialised state-owned credit insurance company focused on the insurance of territorial and non-marketable commercial risks connected with exports of goods, services and investments from the Czech Republic.

EGAP insures export credits, pre-export credits, investments abroad and credits for their financing, manufacturing risks and bonds, issued by banks and thus covers a broad range of risks, which exporters encounter in the preparation and realisation of export contracts. The corporation provides services to all Czech exporters and investors abroad irrespective of their size, legal form, volume of export, and the extent of the investment. EGAP activities play the role of Export Credit Agency (ECA), which is guided by OECD and EU rules that restrict state support for exports only to products and territories, in which commercial entities do not operate, i.e. primarily to medium and long-term export credits and to risk-involving territories. These rules ensure that exporters from the different countries do not compete due to the extent of state support, but exclusively in the quality and prices of goods and services.

Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation, a.s. 
Vodičkova 34/701
111 21 Praha 1
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 222 841 111
E-mail: info@ěgap.cz