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Deklaratë e BE-së për Manastirin e Deçanit

BE-ja fton institucionet e Kosovës që shpejt dhe në tërësi të zbatojnë aktgjykimin e Gjykatës Kushtetuese dhe të regjistrojnë ligjërisht tokën që i përket Manastirit të Deçanit.

Today, 6 years after the Judgment of Kosovo Constitutional Court, and almost 10 years since the ruling of the Special Chambers of the Supreme Court of Kosovo Court, that confirmed the ownership of several disputed hectares of land by the Deçan/Dečane Monastery, the EU Ambassador in Kosovo, Tomas Szunyog, called on Kosovo institutions to swiftly and fully implement the judgment of the Constitutional Court and lawfully register the land belonging to the Monastery.
“In addition to demonstrating the dedication of Kosovo to the rule of law as one of the guiding principles of the European Union and the European Convention on Human Rights, the implementation of the judgment would contribute to a much needed inter-community dialogue in Kosovo. 
“The years that have passed since the Constitutional Court ruling do not lessen, but rather amplify the need for its implementation and for the application of the principle of legal certainty whereby final judicial decisions are enforced and not questioned. The implementation of the judgment would also contribute to further European integrations and aspirations of Kosovo,” said Szunyog.
The European Union is assisting Kosovo institutions in strengthening the rule of law in line with the Stabilization and Association Agreement and the European Reform Agenda.