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Czech EU Presidency 2009

Czech Presidency as a series of results

The Czech EU Presidency took place under difficult conditions, due to the economic crisis, an unstable international situation and the end of the term of office of the European Parliament and the European Commission. Despite these challenges, during the six months of its Presidency, the Czech Republic scored a number of tangible results and outstanding achievements. The Czech Republic brokered more than 80 concrete measures in the European Parliament; proved itself to be a good crisis manager; resolutely rejected protectionist tendencies and put through measures to boost European economy. Under the Czech leadership the European Union took important steps towards diversification of energy supply and towards climate protection.

Results of the Czech EU Presidency:

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Achievements of the Czech Presidency in the EU Council -... 443 KB PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) Mar 31, 2010

Achievements of the Czech Presidency of the EU Council -... 1 MB PPT (Presentation) Mar 31, 2010

Most important legislative acts settled during the Czech... 125 KB PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) Mar 31, 2010

Overview of the most important events held during the... 49 KB PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) Mar 31, 2010

Czech Presidency in numbers 26 KB PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) Mar 31, 2010

The Czech Presidency at mid term


Date: 06 April 2009

As the Czech EU Presidency enters its second half, it is time to assess its results achieved so far. more ►