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Information for citizens of Ukraine - holders of (Visa) temporary protection at the territory of the Czech Republic

Citizens of Ukraine who, as a result of the war events that began on 24/02/2022, fled the home country and obtained a temporary protection in the Czech Republic (or a so-called sufferance visa on territory CZ) in the form of a visa sticker or stamp in the passport and who want to apply for a similar protection in another state, must first declare the renounciation of protection in the Czech Republic.

Annulation of protection can be done in the Czech Republic or at a Czech Embassy abroad. The annulation is made while waiting on the spot, free of charge, after filling in the application form (in duplicate). It is necessary to submit relevant personal documents (passport, etc.). The application must be submitted in person, for minors (up to 18 years of age) the parents must submit the application.

To present the aforementioned application at the Consular Section of the CZ Embassy in Riga, it is necessary to make an appointment - see the general procedure for performing consular acts at the Consular Section


Comprehensive information about the mentioned issue is available on the web page of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic: