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The exhibition „The Legacy of J. A. Comenius to the World” at the National Library of Latvia


On the occasion of centerary of Czech-Latvian diplomatic relations and on the occasion of the National J. A. Comenius anniversary celebrations, the exhibition „The Legacy of J. A. Comenius to the World” will be open for public in the… more ►

The publishing house "PĒTERGAILIS" has published the novel "FOX INTO LADY" by the Czech writer Jiří Kratochvil


Latvia continues in the tradition of regularly publishing translations of Czech fiction, this time the novel of the most translated Czech author Jiří Kratochvil "Fox into Lady" was published in Latvian with the author's consent under the title… more ►

Prague Spring Festival 2021 on-line


The Embassy of the Czech Republic has the honor to participate in a unique project of electronic version of Prague Spring Festival 2021. Get on-line and let the Prague Spring come to your home! more ►

Honourable mention diplomas of the Embassy in the national round of the 49th ICEFA Lidice


On 11 February 2021, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Latvia presented its honourable mention diplomas to fifteen participants of the International Children's Art Exhibition Lidice. The theme for the 49th ICEFA Lidice is "ROBOT and… more ►

„Kameju gravētājs“ by Ivan Fíla – new translation of the Czech literature in Latvian


The Jumava publishing house has published a book by the Czech author Ivan Fíla „Kameju gravētājs“ ("Engraver of cameos") translated into Latvian by Mrs. Sandra Nikuļceva. more ►

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Latvia commemorates the International Holocaust Remembrance Day


Since 2004, January 27 has been Holocaust Remembrance Day in the Czech Republic, and a year later, January 27 was declared the International Day of Holocaust Remembrance by the United Nations. The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Latvia would… more ►

The Czech.global project interconnects Czech compatriots around the world


There are two and half million people living outside the Czech Republic, who, in answer to the question “who are you?”, say “I am Czech” or “I have Czech roots”. They are the descendants of the first… more ►