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The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Latvia commemorates the International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Since 2004, January 27 has been Holocaust Remembrance Day in the Czech Republic, and a year later, January 27 was declared the International Day of Holocaust Remembrance by the United Nations. The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Latvia would like to honor the memory of all those who did not survive the Holocaust.

On the occasion of the commemoration of the Holocaust victims, we share the set-to-music poem "Myška" written by (Bedřich) Eli Bachner together with his two friends Miroslav Košek and Hanuš Löwa in the children's ward of the Terezín Ghetto, where the boys played, studied, created and dreamed about their life after the war. For two of them, however, this moment "after the war" never occurred. Today, Bedřich Eli Bachner lives in the Moledet mosava, where the composer Effi Shoshani sought him out and revived the words of a poem he composed with his friends. "My word gave his word and so on - if you ask me today who wrote what from the poem - I don't remember - we wrote it together."

This clip, in which the poem "Myška" comes to life after almost 80 years, was prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tel Aviv, can be watched HERE.