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Meeting of Hradišťan Dulcimer Band with entrepreneurs and the introduction of Moravian wines from winery Zlomek & Vávra from Boršice u Blatnice.

On Monday, 15 May 2017, a meeting of the Hradišťan Dulcimer Band with the Latvian entrepreneurs  took place at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Riga during the presentation and wine tasting of the Moravian wines of winery Zlomek & Vávra  from Boršice u Blatnice.

Families of Vávra and Zlomek were brought together thanks to the love to music and winemaking. Libor Zlomek, Tomáš Vávra, Radek Zlomek and Petr Vávra altogether  represent already a second generation of those two families. Libor Zlomek and Tomáš Vávra presented their wines from Slovácko wine region famous for its traditional way of processing grapes and wine production. As part of the tasting, they presented their best wines, both successful on the domestic market and abroad. They surprised the guests with their sparkling wine and wine liqueur.

Meetings was attended by the representatives of Latvian wine wholesalers Mono-M SIA, Semper Sole SIA, Wine & Food Horeca, Sveiks Švejks, AS Jungent Latvia, SIA Ruslat Union and Premvinium. Latvian wine suppliers, alcoholic beverages distributors and restaurant owners appreciated the high quality, taste and bouquet of wines, specially appraising Riesling Weiss, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, and Pinot Gris wines. As well, the guests rated excellent other wines including Blaufränkisch and Müller Thurgau sorts, which, according to experts, combine the spicyness of Sylvaner Grün and the grandeur of Riesling.

During the meeting, the good contacts with wine sellers and restaurant owners have been established with the promise of future business cooperation.

The Boršice‘s wines were also of great interest during the reception after the concert of Hradišťan in the concert hall of Great Guild  on the following day. Definitely, the Moravian wines from the Zlomek & Vávra  wineries got a lot of interest in Latvia and have a real chance to be in demand on the Latvian market.


Prezentace vín z vinařství Zlomek a Vávra