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Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia
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January 26, Latvia´s International Recognition "100 de iure"

Ambassador Jana Hynková congratulated on the 100. Anniversary of the International Recognition of Latvia „de iure“ by her words in the commemorative book.

Latvia is a reliable ally, important partner and good friend of the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic stands for peace and security, prosperity and happiness of Latvian people.  We went through the same painful struggle for freedom and independence, the same journey to become part of the free world where we share the same democratic values and visions.

Thank you for your partnership! Congratulations on “100 de iure”!

(„It seems to me that the peace in the world will be achieved if everyone is granted belonging to the region or circle to which has historically belonged. (Václav Havel on the Membership of Latvia in NATO))

Jana Hynková

25. 01. 2021

Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Latvia

Latvia centennial
Velvyslankyně Hynková
Latvia centennial
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100 let