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Finance - Links

Finance - Links

Links to information on finance are available in the "Economy" section of the www.doingbusiness.cz web site.

Other Links:

Exchange Rates http://infox.eunet.cz/cnbkalen_e.html

Finanční noviny (Financial News) http://www.fin.cz/english/index.stm

The Praque Stock Exchange (PSE) http://www.pse.cz/

Real time market data from PSE http://www.akcie.cz/

RM-Systém http://www.rmsystem.cz

Securities Center Praha www.centraldepository.cz

Czech Capital Information Agency - Čekia http://www.cekia.cz/

Local financial Office www.mfcr.cz/scripts/fo.ext/fomain.asp

General financial information http://www.financnisprava.cz/en/

Czech Export Bank http://www.ceb.cz

Export Guarantee and Insurance Corp. http://www.egap.cz