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Basic information about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
area - 2,149,690 km2
population - 27,750,000 people (approx. 30% are expatriates)
the capital - Riyadh
official language - Arabic
currency - Saudi Riyal
religion - islam
time shift against the Czech Republic: +1 hour (summer time in the Czech Republic), +2 hours (winter time in the Czech Republic)
international dialing code: +966

Access to Accommodation and Services with Vaccination or Recovery Certificate Only

As of November 22, 2021, accommodation, restaurants, beauty and sports services and others will be accessible by fully vaccinated persons and persons recovered from Covid-19 only (with few exceptions, see below). The aim of this measure is to… more ►

Covid-19: Current information on the entry from Saudi Arabia to the Czech Republic

As of 2nd August 2021 the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was included by the Czech Republic in the list of countries with a low risk of Covid-19 (so-called green countries), in accordance with the current protective measure issued by the Ministry of… more ►

Covid-19: Current information on the entry from the Czech Republic to Saudi Arabia

Entry is open to those passengers who hold: - a valid residence permit (iqama) with a valid entry and exit visa - business / work visa - tourist visa more ►