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Photo: Tescan
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TESCAN celebrated 30 year anniversary

TESCAN is one of the most prominent high-tech companies in the Czech Republic and one of the top five producers of electron microscopes worldwide. Being one of the most successful Czech companies exporting innovative technologies TESCAN also helps to clearly demonstrate the innovative strength of the Czech Republic and spread the good name of Czech products.

TESCAN’s microscopes affect our live more than you think. Almost every field of industry and science uses them – pharmacy, microbiology, biotechnology, for diagnostics in development of new products, production of hair dyes, detection of cracks in products, or even for restoring artifacts.

The beginnings of the company were very modest. At the time of its foundation in 1991, it had only five founders, who left the former Tesla Brno to utilize their experience in the field of microscopy. This year, TESCAN celebrated 30 years of existence, during which it has come a long way – nowadays it employs 650 people and installed over 3000 electron microscopes in more than 80 countries.

TESCAN is doing well also in China, where it started operating in 2003, through its Chinese partners and distributors. Highly technologically advanced products have always been high in demand in China and electron microscopes were not an exception. In 2009, rising demand led the company to open its own branch of TESCAN China in Shanghai. This year TESCAN also celebrated the anniversary with the inauguration of the new Chinese headquarters and demo laboratory in Shanghai. A number of distinguished guests, including Mr. Karel Šrol, Consul General of the Czech Republic in Shanghai, attended the ceremony.

Almost 40 employees work in the new headquarters, where we can also find a demo laboratory with 5 electron microscopes. The laboratory is available to local users or for visits from potential customers and partners.

On the Chinese market, TESCAN offers the whole production line: thermionic emission scanning electron microscopes, field emission electron microscopes, dual-beam scanning electron microscopes with electron and focused ion beam, or Micro-CT. For a long time the best-selling model has been the VEGA thermionic emission scanning electron microscope, at the same time the CLARA field emission scanning microscope is also very popular among Chinese customers.

TESCAN China also offers its most technologically advanced model SOLARIS X - dual-beam scanning electron microscope with the highest specifications with a plasma ion source and a resolution of up to 0.5 nm. It is used mainly in the semiconductor industry, materials engineering and materials science. The main advantages are the high resolution of the electron beam and the fast cutting speed with the plasma ion beam, which make it possible for example to make cross cuts of large areas, followed up by destructive 3D reconstruction of the sample.

To further expand their product offer, TESCAN China has successfully introduced a new product this year – micro-CT DynaTOM. Market for micro CT is very perspective with expected growth. Introducing new product in this segment is definitely the right choice. High quality and technologically advanced solutions give TESCAN’s DynaTOM a clear advantage over competition. DynaTOM is the world’s first and only laboratory micro-CT system dedicated for your most demanding time-lapse, in situ and dynamic experiments. TESCAN Dynamic micro-CT technology enables you to identify and match events in your sample with the exact time of occurrence. TESCAN’s true 4D Dynamic micro-CT is not just an extension of traditional 3D-based x-ray tomography or simple 3D time-lapse of x-ray images. TESCAN Dynamic micro-CT solutions are offering real-time, complex in-situ dynamic micro-CT capabilities, recording and visualizing a multitude of physical processes — compression, torsion, tension, flow, heating, cooling, growth of forms, dissolution of liquids and many other dynamic events. TESCAN Dynamic micro-CT solutions are opening new possibilities for uninterrupted in-situ dynamic experiments in a wide range of industries and in academic research.

TESCAN is successful in China and even the Covid-19 pandemic did not stop its momentum. In 2020 the company managed to increase its sales despite the difficulties brought by the pandemic and continued its growth even further this year. TESCAN has satisfied customers in all Chinese provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions with the exception of Tibet and Inner Mongolia. TESCAN microscopes have a wide range of use and can be found for example in the recently completed Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory or helping with research and restoration of artifacts in the Beijing Palace Museum.

So what is TESCAN’s secret to success on the difficult Chinese market? In addition to the first class technology that ranks TESCAN among the world leaders in its field, it is also important to have a well thought out business strategy. TESCAN for example cooperates with a number of major universities, which purchased their microscopes, and has established 10 joint laboratories in different regions of China. Universities use the laboratories for their research and at the same time, TESCAN can use the microscopes for demonstrations or presentations to potential customers from the region. At the same time, universities receive specific benefits, such as trainings, assistance from application specialists or priority after-sales service. This way TESCAN not only provides exceptional service to selected customers, thus enhancing their satisfaction with the product, but also managed to move a very immobile product closer to potential customers, giving them the opportunity to better familiarize themselves with what the company has to offer.


TESCAN SOLARIS X for Semiconductors Brochure 4 MB PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) Dec 15, 2021

TESCAN DynaTOM_Brochure 4 MB PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) Dec 15, 2021