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Photo: (c) 2022, Velvyslanectví ČR
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Czech film "On the Roof" one of the most popular at the 2022 European Film Festival

The screening of director Jiri Mádl's film became the first public event held by the Czech Embassy in Singapore since its establishment, thanks to the relaxation of pandemic measures in the country. "On the Roof" deals with the topical issue of immigration and the relationship between two people of different ages, cultures and worldviews in general, and shows how their coexistence is beneficial for both sides. According to the number of tickets sold, the Czech film was the second most popular film of the 2022 European Film Festival at the time of the screening.

The European Film Festival is organised annually by the Delegation of the European Union in Singapore in close collaboration with the various European embassies and The Projector cinema, which provides unique atmosphere to each screening.

Ambassador Froňková introduced the Czech film "On the Roof" by saying: "For the Czech entry at the festival, we wanted to choose a human story that is as current but also as old as humanity itself. So we chose the topic of immigration, or in other words, the story of common people looking for a new home in a foreign country. In January 2022, however, we had no idea how up-to-date it would be. The current situation in Eastern Europe is a proof of how quickly your peaceful life in your own country can become so dangerous that you simply have to leave and seek refuge in a completely foreign environment, among completely foreign people with completely foreign customs and traditions. Although the film is about a Vietnamese immigrant and not about Ukrainian refugees, at the end of the day both life situations have much in common."

Nearly 150 tickets were purchased for the entry, making it the second most popular film of the entire festival at the time of the screening. The Embassy would like to thank all of the audience members who watched the film with such tremendous enthusiasm echoing from the auditorium during the screening.

Audience / Hlediště

Audience / Hlediště