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Ambassador Froňková fully accredited in Singapore

At an official ceremony on 26th October 2021, Ambassador Michaela Froňková presented her credentials to President Halimah Yacob. Thus she became the fully accredited Czech Ambassador to Singapore. A day before, she met with the Chief of Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore, Wei Wen Chia, to whom she presented copies of the credentials.

On 26th October, Ambassador Froňková was ceremonially received by Mme President Halimah Yacob at the presidential palace. There, she first ceremoniously signed the guest book and proceeded to the official act of presenting her credentials to the President, with whom she held a stimulating conversation with Mme President. "I am delighted with the Mme President's interest in deepening cooperation between Singapore and Czechia and seeking a common view of events in the region. The conversation was held in a very friendly spirit and we found several intersections that we will continue to address in our mission," Ambassador Froňková said after the meeting. The ceremony resulted in the Ambassador’s full accreditation and so she can now begin official communication with government officials and other entities in the country.

Michaela Froňková, Halimah Yacob

Michaela Froňková, Halimah Yacob

Day before, on 25th October 2021, Ambassador Froňková Mr. Wei Wen Chiou, the Chief of Protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore, who received the copies of her credentials. Mr. Chia warmly welcomed the Ambassador and stated that he was glad for the Czech Republic's decision to reopen its embassy in Singapore, in addition at the level of ambassador. Ambassador Froňková thanked him for all the help provided in this process and expressed her interest in deeper cooperation between the two countries.