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Long term visa (91 days - 1 year)

Holders of all passports of states outside the EU need a visa for their stay over 90 days up to 1 year.

A personal visit must be arranged in advance by e-mail ONLY (see process and required documents for Employee Cards and other types of long-term visa). The address and office hours of the consulate can be found in the "about the Embassy" section of our website.

E-mail: consulate_singapore@mzv.cz (attachments only up to the total of 10 MB)

The diplomatic mission forwards the application to the Ministry of the Interior for an evaluation and decision. If the application is evaluated positively, the long-stay visa, with the maximum duration one year, is issued by the diplomatic mission where the application was filed.​

Employee Card - work & stay over 90 days

PAGE LAST UPDATED ON 27th JULY 2022 - conditions for shedulling an interview changed as well as language requirements. Employee card is a permit for long-time residence in the territory of the Czech Republic where the purpose of the foreign… more ►

Long-term Visa - study, business, family, others

In case of long-term visa for the purpose of employment see Employee card. more ►