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Visa for family members of EU citizens

All the information about Schengen visa can be found on a different part of our webpage.

Who is a family member of an EU Citizen?

Family member of the EU citizen is a

  • - spouse, or
  • - parent who looks after the EU citizen who is younger than 21, or
  • - direct descendant who is under the age of 21 or such a child of a spouse of the EU citizen, or
  • - dependent direct relative in the ascending or descending line or such a relative of a spouse of the EU citizen if he / she is dependent on the EU citizen or his / her spouse for sustenance or other form of essential care.

Family member of the EU citizen is also any other foreign national who duly attests that

  • - he/she is a relative of the EU citizen who (i) in the country from which he/she has come or in the country in which he/she was a permanent or long-term resident, was a member of a common household of the EU citizen before his/her entry to the Czech Republic or (ii) was a dependant depending on the EU citizen for sustenance, or
  • - due to serious health grounds he/she strictly requires the personal care of the EU citizen, or
  • - he/she has a durable relationship with the EU citizen and shares with him/her a common household.

Visa application process

More information on the webpage regarding standard Schengen visa. However, there are IMPORTANT DIFFERENCES from the standard Schengen visa process applicable to the family members of EU citizens:

  • - Visa application is free of charge.
  • - The appointment must be requested over e-mail, but it is given as soon as possible even if there are other applicants in the queue.
  • - Different set of requirements:

1. Completed "Application for Schengen Visa". 

  • - This form can be completed and printed online. However, the signature of the applicant on the form must be produced in front of the visa officer. We will only file the application with forms from the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Other forms will not be accepted.

2. Passport or official travel document

  • - The applicant must present a valid travel document.
  • - IMPORTANT: Passport will be witheld by the Embassy until the decision of the visa!

3. ID card or other documents proving the legal status in Singapore for longer than 1 year

  • - It is irrelevant how long the person has actually stayed in Singapore.
  • - the ID card/permit must be valid for 3 months after return
  • - alternatively: the applicant must make clear why he/she doesn't apply in his/her country of residence.

4. One recent passport photo

  • - According to the International Civil Aviation Organisation standards:ICAO photo guidelines (PDF, 462 KB)
  • - of applicant's entire face, which shows a clear and exact likeness of the applicant (without sunglasses or head covering, unless it is on account of religious or medical reasons). The photo must be taken against a plain, light background with a good contrast in color or black and white. It must be of clear and good quality and printed on regular photographic paper.
  • - Photos that do not comply with these standards will not be accepted!
  • - Children travelling with their parents on their parent´s passport do need their own visa with a photo (free of charge under 6 years of age). However, applicants must also submit one recent passport size photograph for every child travelling with them. Please make sure that you have enough pages to affix the visas for you and your child(ren).

5. Fingerprints

  • - exception: if you provide proof that your fingeprints were taken in the last 5 years for the reason of Schengen visa application.

6. Documents proving the status of EU citizen (whose family member asks for visa)

  • All of the following must be submitted:
    1. documents attesting to existence of the EU citizen (copy of the EU citizen´s identity card or passport); and
    2. document attesting that you are a family member of the EU citizen (marriage certificate, birth certificate, dependence proof, document attesting to serious health situation, permanent partnership proof or other) - original document or certified copy and translated to Czech or English if emitted outside the EU; and
    3. document attesting that you will accompany the EU citizen to the Czech Republic or join them in the Czech Republic. (i. e. common reservation of tickets and accommodations, or an affidavit by the EU citizen in English signed in front of the consular officer or with their legalised signature)
      IMPORTANT: If a child is travelling unaccompanied (or with only 1 parent), it is necessary to provide both parents' (or the other parent's) consent/affidavit with the child travelling alone or without them.


ICAO photo guidelines 461 KB PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) Mar 3, 2022