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Information on Driving Motor Vehicles in Czechia

Every person who drives a motor vehicle in Czechia must carry either a driver’s license issued by the Czech Republic or another European Union (EU) member state, or an international driver’s license that is accepted in the Czech Republic. In Czechia as well as the territory of the EU, there is a right-hand traffic mandated by law.

International Driver's License

Every person who drives a motor vehicle in the Czech Republic must carry either a driver's license issued by the Czech Republic itself or another European Union (EU) member state, or an international driver's license that is accepted in the Czech Republic including one from his/her home state. 

The Czech Republic only recognizes international driver's licenses that fit the requirements prescribed in the following international agreements:

  • Agreement on Road Transportation signed in Geneva on September 19, 1949 (enclosure No. 10)
  • Agreement on Road Traffic signed in Vienna on November 8, 1968 (enclosure No. 6)
  • The EU Committee's Guidelines No. 91/439 of July 29, 1991, on driver's licenses

Motorway Tolls and Other Charges

There is a charge for using certain motorways and main roads in Czechia. More information on the different types of e-vignettes can be found on the eDalnice website

The Main Road Regulations

  • The speed limits are as follow:
    • highways and motorways: 130 km/h (aprox. 80 mph)
    • roads: 90 km/h (aprox. 56 mph)
    • residential areas: 50 km/h (aprox. 30 mph)
    • The above mentioned are general limits; otherwise, the highest permitted speed at a traffic sign prevails.
  • The technical condition of the vehicle must be in accordance with traffic regulations.
  • Excluding small motorcycles (cylinder volume up to 50 cm3) which may be driven by persons of 15 years of age and older, only persons 18 years of age and older can drive motor vehicles in Czechia.
  • The driver and front seat passengers must buckle up their safety belts. The passenger in the front seat must not be younger than 12 years of age.
  • All motor vehicles must keep their road headlights on at night and day, year round.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs (i.e. drugs and medicines) constitutes a crime with a possible punishment of up to one year in prison, a fine or a ban. Municipal police officers now have the power require breathalyzer tests of drivers suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • The use of cellular telephones while driving is prohibited. However, the use of hands free sets is permitted.
  • While driving on every type of road, each child (under 150cm and weighing less than 36kg) must sit in a specially designed child's seat.
  • When passing and turning, it is necessary to use a turn signal. Passing is permitted on the left side only. If there is a red light at a traffic stop, drivers are forbidden to make any turns (even when turning right). Further, drivers must also signal when passing a cyclist and pass within the 1,5m distance.
  • During traffic jams on motorways and other major roads, drivers must leave the second-from-the-left line free for use by the emergency services.
  • Parallel curb parking and parking at an angle facing towards the curb are permitted, even if there is no traffic sign informing drivers they may do same. However, when parked, at least one 3m-wide lane must remain free in both directions.
  • When overtaking into a free lane on a road with two or more lanes, the right-hand rule applies. When there is a slip road onto a road with two or more lanes, drivers must use it.
  • The driver must signal only when changing lanes left and right on the roundabout and when leaving the roundabout, i.e. no turn signal on entry.
  • You can find detailed information regarding rules and regulations for driving motor vehicles in Czechia on either Ministry of Interior's ( http://www.mvcr.cz) website or any other website providing tourist information about our country.