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The commemoration of Robert Gajdik's monument

On 14.1. 2018 Ambassador Miroslav Toman laid wreath on the monument of the Czechoslovak citizen Robert Gajdík, who was involved in anti-fascist resistance during the Second World War and was executed in 1942.

The act of reverence was also attended by the Colonel of Defense Col. Tomas Daniel, members of the local Association of Robert Gajdik and representatives of the city of Skopje, including the Mayor of Skopje - the center of Sasha Bogdanovikj.

Robert Gajdík enjoys in Macedonia the reputation of a national hero, his monument commemorates the civil association that has his name as well a district in Skopje has been named after him, where since 1977 is his memorial.

Gajdik was born in Zlin in 1923 and has lived in Skopje since his sixteen years (his father was a member of the Czechoslovak Water Power Plant in the Canyon Matka). After the occupation of Macedonia, he actively participated in a diversionary activity against the occupying forces of Germany, Bulgaria and Italy. In November 1941, he was arrested by the Gestapo, but managed to escape. Subsequently, he joined the guerrilla "Zenel Hajdini" division, operating in the territory of today's Kosovo. At the beginning of 1942, Gajdik was captured in a shootout at Lipljan and was publicly executed.