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Official Visit of President Miloš Zeman

On 9 and 10.6.2016 in Ohrid the President of the Czech Republic discussed with the President of the Republic of Macedonia Gjorge Ivanov, who decorated him with the highest Macedonian state award “The Order September 8”.

Both presidents agreed on the need of further development of the bilateral relations in all areas, especially their trade-economic dimension. President Zeman pointed out the long-term support for the faster accession of the Republic of Macedonia to the Euro Atlantic structures and expressed his admiration of the Macedonian approach to the solution of the migration crisis. President Ivanov expressed his gratitude for the material, financial and staff support, that the Czech Republic provides to the country and stated that the current internal political crisis, in his opinion, is a result of the frustration of the citizens from the stagnant course in relation to the EU and NATO.

A part of the program of both presidents was also the opening of the business forum with the participation of about 40 entrepreneurs and representatives of the economic chambers and ministries of economy.


Zeman v MK