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Registration of Appointments for Employee Cards

For an appointment please send an email to visa_skopje@mzv.cz.

We would like to inform the applicants that until the end of the year, i.e. 31.12.2022 it is no longer possible to make appointments for submitting short-term visa applications, as all the free appointments have been fully booked. Therefore, it will be possible to make new appointments after 1.1.2023.


Appointments can be made on the 5th day of each odd month at 9:00 AM only, since the employee cards fall under the quota set by the Decree of the Government of the Czech Republic No. 220/2019 Coll. as amended by the Decree No. 233/2021 Coll.


Only the first 17 e-mails will be taken into consideration until the fulfilling of the quota. Therefore, the applicant must send the e-mail exactly on the set time and date in order to have a chance to get into the quota. E-mails sent before the set date and time cannot be accepted/the appointment cannot be provided. The order of received e-mails is processed by the e-mail client. The Embassy cannot interfere with the order of the received e-mails. It is not allowed to make group appointments.


The possibility of making appointments will be closed after filling up the quota and the next possibility of making appointments will be available on the 5th day of the next odd month.

(For example: 5.1.2022, 5.3.2022, 5.5.2022, 5.7.2022, 5.9.2022, 5.11.2022).


In the „Subject line" of the email message please state: Your full name – Employee Card (for example: "John Doe – Employment Card“).


In the message, please state:

1/ full name of the applicant

2/ emloyment card vacancy number (to be provided by your future employer in the Czech Republic)

3/ contact information (email, phone number, residence address of the applicant)