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Photo: ZÚ Sofie
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Presentation of unmanned aerial vehicles and technologies for Bulgarian partners in Sofia

On 13 October 2021, the Embassy in Sofia organized a one-day demonstration event dedicated to unmanned aerial vehicles and technologies produced by the Czech companies Free Horizons, MODELÁRNA LIAZ and PRIMOCO UAV. The event was mainly addressed to representatives of the Ministries of Interior and Defence and their subordinate units, but among the invitees were also representatives of five other ministries, business associations including the defence industry and Bulgarian companies. The event featured a live demonstration of a drone and innovative technologies, and an evening cocktail party at the Embassy featured all of the aforementioned companies as well as the nanotechnology-based protective masks and respirators manufacturer Nano2Health. These protective devices were provided in the form of samples to all participants so that they could get acquainted with them and test their unique properties.

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Cooperation in the defence and security industry is one of the priority areas for Czech companies in the Bulgarian market, both because of the potential of Czech manufacturers and exporters, and because of the need to modernise and equip the Bulgarian army and security forces with high quality equipment. The Embassy, thanks to its long-standing contacts with local ministries, managed to obtain an agreement to hold a presentation of unmanned aerial vehicles and technologies produced by the Czech companies Free Horizons, MODELÁRNA LIAZ and PRIMOCO UAV with a live demonstration in premises of the Ministry of Interior on October 13. Thanks to the flexible approach of the Czech Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence, the economic diplomacy project was approved in a short time and then implemented through the Embassy in Sofia, thus supporting Czech companies financially and logistically in their presentation.

Around forty representatives of the Ministry of Interior from various subordinate forces (e.g. police, border guards, special units, firefighters, etc.) as well as from the Ministry of Defence attended the live demonstration in the building of the Ministry of Interior in Sofia. The presentation of Free Horizons and the subsequent demonstration of the unmanned vehicle together with the unique solution in the form of a charging power station aroused considerable interest among the participants. Representatives of the company answered a number of questions, demonstrated all additional equipment and explained the Follow me function, thanks to which a drone connected to a power station on the hull of a vehicle or on board a ship can autonomously follow the route of a vehicle and monitor, for example, a land border or coastline.

The success of the event was underlined by the evening follow-up in the form of short presentations by all the above-mentioned companies together with very well prepared and illustrative video clips for the representatives of the Ministries of Interior and Defence, their units, as well as invited representatives of other ministries (e.g. transport, agriculture), defence industry associations, chambers of commerce and companies from the sector. The most distinguished guest was the Deputy Chief of Defence, Lieutenant General C. Stojkov. These presentations were also made with increased attention and interest of the guests who, after the official part, took advantage of the presence of representatives of Czech companies and discussed with them the details of the presented products and possible cooperation.

The Embassy took this opportunity to present nanotechnology-based protective equipment from Nano2Health in both parts of the day-long programme. Participants received free samples of nanomasks and nanorespirators as well as promotional materials about the company.


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