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Schengen Visa - Short-Term Visa

The Embassy issues Schengen visa for the Czech Republic to regular passport holders of Pakistan and Afghanistan. For Pakistani passport holders, the Embassy issues Schengen visa also for Slovakia. Schengen visa applications are accepted via VFS Global-Gerry’s Visa Center in Islamabad, an appointment there should be booked at https://visa.vfsglobal.com/pak/en/cze/

If the intended stay in the territory of Schengen states does not exceed 90 days in any 180-day period, a short-term (Schengen) visa should be applied for. The following persons can apply for Schengen visa at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Islamabad:  

a) legal residents - citizens or long-term residents - of Pakistan willing to travel to the Czech Republic or Slovakia
b) legal residents  - citizens or long-term residents - of Afghanistan willing to travel to the Czech Republic

Holders of diplomatic and official passports of Pakistan are free to enter the Czech Republic and Slovakia without visa if their stay in the territory does not exceed 90 days.

Schengen visa applications are accepted at VFS Global - Gerry’s visa center at Gerry’s Building adjacent to Punjab Cash and Carry, Park Road Chattha Bakhtawar Chak Shahzad, Islamabad. Appointments to submit visa applications should be booked by at https://visa.vfsglobal.com/pak/en/cze/

Family members of EU nationals applying under Directive 2004/38/EC can submit their short-term visa applications at the VFS Global-Gerry’s visa center or directly at the Embassy. The appointment at the Embassy should be made by e-mail to consulate_islamabad@mzv.cz. The e-mail should refer to the Directive and should contain the applicants full name, date of birth, passport number, and telephone number.

Schengen visa applications can be submitted up to 6 months before the planned date of travel. The processing time is usually15 days, can be extended to 45 days. The applicants may be asked to appear personally for an interview at the Embassy at any point of visa processing.

What is required of all applicants for Schengen visa

1. Application Form. The form should be completed in block letters and signed by the applicant or by the legal guardian of a child under 15. Each applicant has to present a separate Application Form and a separate set of supporting documents; this applies also to children travelling on a parent's passport. Arrival and departure dates entered in the Application Form must be the same as those entered in all the supporting documents.

2. Passport. The current passport must be valid for a minimum of 90 days beyond the validity of the requested visa, it must have been issued within the last 10 years, and it must have at least 2 blank visa pages. The applicants should bring also all their previous passports and a photocopy of the current passport data page.

3. Photograph. One recent passport photo with white background, not smaller than 3,5cm x 4,5cm, with full face in view. The photo should be pasted to the Application Form.

4.  Visa Fee.  The non-refundable fee of 80 €, 40 € for children aged 6 to 12, payable in cash in Euro, is collected on the submission of the Application.

5. Travel Insurance Contract. The policy should cover all medical expenses including emergency hospital treatment and repatriation throughout the territory of the Schengen States for the entire period of the intended stay, with the minimum coverage of 30 000 €. The insurance company must be registered in either Pakistan or the Czech Republic.

6. Fingerprints. Fingerprints of applicants older than 12 are collected on the submission of the Application.

7. Supporting documents. Documents specified in Annex III to the European Commission Implementing Decision of 24.10.2018, as appropriate for the purpose of the intended stay.

Supporting Documents – Annex III (PDF, 433 KB)

Pakstanis applying for visa to visit Slovakia should always present an invitation on the official form attested by the Slovak Foreigners’ Police (see Annex III, 1.4.3 - proof of sponsorship)

Changes to travel arrangements
Applicants who change their travel dates, hotel reservations or air tickets after submitting the application or after receiving the visa, have to inform the consulate and provide copies of the new documents. Otherwise, visa can be revoked even at the time of the stay in Schengen territory.

Visa refusal can be appealed within 15 days after the receipt of the refusal letter by an original  letter to the Embassy signed by the applicant. A fee of 60 € is payable at the time of the appeal. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic decides on the appeal within 60 days.

Schengen Information System - Persons who have been denied entry to the Czech Republic/ Schengen Area because of a record in the SIS can request an explanation from the institution that has made the record. In the Czech Republic, it is the Police of the Czech Republic. Contact address: Police Presidium (Policejní presidium), P.O.BOX 62/K-SOU, Strojnická 27, 170 89 Praha 7, Czech Republic.

For more information, to download visa application forms, visit the  website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.


Supporting Documents 432 KB PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) Jun 2, 2020

Information for applicant on personal data protection

The collection of your personal data required by this application form, the taking of your photograph and the taking of your fingerprints are mandatory for the examination of your visa application. Failure to provide such data will result in the… more ►