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Public Holidays 2023

Important notice:

The Embassy of the Czech Republic (including the Consular and Visa Section) is closed for public during the Czech and Swedish public holidays.

Public Holidays 2023– The Czech Republic

Date Weekday  Name
1.1. Sunday Day of the re-establishment of the Independent Czech State/New Years Day
7.4. Friday Good Friday
10.4. Monday Easter Monday
1.5. Monday Labor Day
8.5. Monday Liberation Day
5.7. Wednesday Day of the Slav Apostles Cyril and Methodius
6.7. Thursday Death of Jan Hus
28.9. Thursday Czech Statehood Day / St. Wenceslas Day
28.10 Saturday Independent Czechoslovak State Day
17.11. Friday Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day
24.12. Sunday Christmas Eve
25.12. Monday Christmas Day
26.12. Tuesday St Stephen's Day


Public Holidays 2023– Sweden

 Date  Weekday  Name
1.1. Sunday New Year's Day
6.1. Friday Epiphany
7.4. Friday Good Friday
9.4. Sunday Easter Sunday
10.4. Monday Easter Monday
1.5. Monday First of May
18.5. Thursday Ascension Day
28.5. Sunday Whit Sunday
6.6. Tuesday National Day
23.6. Friday Day before Midsummer Day
24.6. Saturday Midsummer Day
1.11. Wednesday All Saints' Day
24.12. Sunday Christmas Eve
25. 12. Monday Christmas Day
26. 12. Tuesday Boxing Day