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An article about Prague in one of the largest Swedish media

In the Footsteps of Václav Havel in Prague


In 2019, the Czech Republic will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. The revolutionary changes in Czechoslovakia that took place towards the end of 1989 led to the fall of the communist regime and transformation of the… more ►

Along the Iron Curtain on a Bicycle


The Iron Curtain, running from the Barents Sea to Bosporus, divided eastern and western Europe for almost a half a century. Next year, we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of its fall. The Iron Curtain was not only a political and ideological… more ►

Biking Across the Czech Republic: The Best Known, Longest and Most Popular Cycling Routes


Hundreds of kilometres of marked cycling routes in the Czech Republic exist to entice and welcome cyclists! What location you choose only depends on your taste. We offer tips for long, easy trips, routes crossing beautiful natural landscapes far… more ►

The new (old) beer revolution in Czech Republic


The beer trend is here to stay. In Czech Republic, the numbers of microbreweries are growing at a furious pace. Czech Republic is from the beginning a beer nation. The Czechs love to talk about beer, and they love to drink beer. In order to find… more ►

Brno - a golf, food and wine destination


Choosing Brno as a golf destination is a smart move - since Brno has scenic routes, lovely wineries and many historic attractions. Unwind with wine tastings, beautiful views and interesting cultural encounters. Pick one destination or multiple… more ►

Green footprints in Prague


Prague has emerged as a destination for lovers of vegetarian food and farmer’s markets. Experience a vacation filled with love, integrity and appreciation for the Earth. more ►

Eco-friendly holiday

Eco-friendly holiday – take the whole family on an adventure to the Czech countryside more ►

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