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The memorial plaque in honour of Countess Amelie Posse-Brázdová was unveiled in Stockholm

Stockholm has a new reminder of Czech-Swedish friendship! On September 7th 2021 a ceremonial unveiling of a memorial plaque in honour of Countess Amelie Posse-Brázdová, an important figure in modern Swedish and Czechoslovak history who dedicated her life to Czechoslovak-Swedish relations, took place in Stockholm. During World War II, she helped refugees who fled the horrors of Nazism and often certain deaths. The memorial plaque was placed at house number 44 on Rindögatan Street in Stockholm, where the Countess lived.

Jakub Grossman was one of the survivors. For almost eleven years, grandson Milan Grossman has been searching for information about his grandfather's life, who never talked about his participation in World War II. Thanks to his many years of research, a large part of his grandfather's past was discovered, and with it also the person of Countess Posse-Brázdová, to whom Jakub Grossman owed his rescue.

In honour of the Countess, Milan Grossman had a memorial plaque made, which he ceremoniously unveiled together with the Ambassador of the Czech Republic Anita Grmelová and Czechoslovak expat club President Jitka Vykopalová. The ceremony was also attended by all those who have been helping Milan Grossman with the project in Sweden, including the descendants of the Posse-Brázda family, the management of the National Library in Stockholm, representatives of the European The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden and the Czech and Slovak expatriate community.